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The last gasp

Thanksgiving was super. Exhausting, but great. The drive was straight-forward (but damn! five hours of driving in one day is a lot of driving), my family all got along, the food was terrific. Very Sun/Jupiter, Jupiter-into-Sag. Hurray!

I can’t say I’m enjoying Jupiter’s dying gasp in my 12th house, though, where he’s hanging on by his fingertips for a couple of more days before he finally hauls his portly ass onto the ledge of my ascendant. Oh, he looks harmless enough, this ebullient little Jupiter in Sag elf, but he’s dragging some serious 12th house toilet paper along on the bottom of his shoe. I’ve had a few dazzling psychological insights over the past couple of days that I really could have done without, thanks very much. So yes, the recent Scorpio Stampede through my 12th house is finally breaking up and beginning to move on to 1st house pastures, but all this means is that the rich psychological compost I’ve been turning over for the past few weeks is kind of spilling out all over the place. Some of it, in fact, is very old stuff that’s been getting churned over in my psyche for at least a full Jupiter cycle or two.

The last time Jupiter crossed my Ascendant, twelve years ago, my brother died and I escaped to a new city for awhile to deal with the aftermath. I don’t expect this transit to be quite so dramatic – after all, back then Jupiter was joined by Pluto – but it’s still enough to give me pause. I think when all is said and done, Jupiter is a symbol neither of great good nor great bad; it’s just a big, fat exclamation mark that gets placed at the end of anything it comes across. What have you got lurking in your mind, heart, and body? Jupiter expands it until there simply is no room to keep it inside any longer. Sometimes, I suppose, it explodes, a la Michael Richards.

One of my favorite diarists, Marn has been having some insights lately, too, as she cares for her beloved and ailing mother-in-law. Her latest entry – which is all about giving to the people we love in the way that’s meaningful to them – is a treasure. And don’t miss Michele’s New Moon in Scorpio ruminations, a great essay that’s all about how to kick that Scorpio toilet paper off our shoes. Enjoy!

6 comments to " The last gasp "

  • I remember last December when Joop crossed my ascendant. I felt good — really good. I was finally on the road to recovery because I’d started with a chiro for my shoulder injury. I had my love-sweet-love, a good job and some recent publishing success. I bet, though, that a Sagg crossing is a lot noisier, for better or worse. Here’s hoping it’s noisy goodness!

  • Nancy

    Isn’t it interesting when things come up regarding your brother, my sisters, death. I always feel like I have dealt with all of it and then wham, its in my face again. To me,it may be something that comes up over and over for the rest of my life. It is the neverending onion, layers and layers, of STUFF to go through. My only hope is that it gets easier each time, for you and me. And, of course the death of my FIL triggers all that.

    I have realized that for the past 3 years, at least, huge things happen in Nov. All those planets cross my moon/Neptune conjunction. My grandfather passed away two years ago, last year I had two surgeries over the holidays and now my FIL. Fascinating stuff.

    I can’t wait to read how the Scorpio stuff turns out for you. Still waiting on your secret Scorpio project. I am finally feeling more like myself. All that Scorpio information can now come out in the light, maybe. My Scorp Moon likes to keep things very close and does not always like to share. 😉

  • Michele Lessirard

    I always love your posts and stopped by for the Thursday 13…Jupiter has crossed my ascendant [Scorpio] and into my first house heading towards my Saturn in Sag. Each time 1983, 1995 I was called out into the business world (Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Leo located in my 10th house). My 12th house me is saying oh no not again. LOL.

    Thanks once again for the link…I wanted to share you may be interested in my current post for working with this Jupiter in Sag energy. Make a SoulCollage card for Jupiter! If you experienced a death the last time from a shamanic perspective that wonderful person is now in Spirit as an Ancestor..there is a message…invoke it.

  • Sylvia

    I just wanna whine. I feel totally icky. There is toilet paper everywhere and it’s got not only my *&^%^ on it, but everyone I meet’s $*&^% on it too.

    Ooooooooooooooh wake me up when this is over. Please please. Reactive, wanna be alone, can’t be. Wanna be alone on a beach with a dog, impossible.

    Mercury in scorpio crossing my Neptune in the 12th–
    Neptune square my Saturn in 3rd
    Neptune square Saturn natal placement, mixing with
    a Neptune transit to natal Saturn, mixing with the collective theme of
    Saturn opposite Neptune

    I can’t and won’t drink, do drugs or fire guns out of windows. All I can do right now is squirm with every cell of my body.

    Sorry I whined. SOMETIMES ya just gotta whine…

  • Yay, Sylvia! You are my sister in whining. There is a lot of bitching and moaning going on here at my house, too, so don’t worry – just pull up a bag of Doritos, and we’ll let it bleed.

    I love your Soul Collage idea, Michele! It looks like a terrific project for a cold wintery day. Perhaps I can knit together some ideas into a Thursday 13.

    Thanks to you Nancy and Maria for sharing your own Scorpionic experiences! I’m not usually secretive – in fact, I rather think my natal Moon/Pluto square is a bit compulsive about “over-sharing” – but I’ve been feeling a real need lately to hold some things in reserve. It feels like taking some of myself back – and like you, Nancy, I’m finally starting to feel a bit more like myself again.

  • I can’t wait to read how the Scorpio stuff turns out for you. Still waiting on your secret Scorpio project. I am finally feeling more like myself.