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Thursday Thirteen Vol. 18

thursday 13

13 Pieces of My First Soul Collage

Michele at New Moon Journal suggests celebrating Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius by making a “soul collage” to represent Jupiter’s teaching energy in your life. Mine began with the idea of an elephant in a wheat field, and grew from there. When I was finished, this is what I found lying around in the Jupiterian corner of my psyche:

1. A Field of Wheat
2. A Path
3. A Sky
4. A Girl
5. A Woman
6. A Car
7. A Road Sign
8. A Moon
9. An Ancestral Home
10. A Wise Mother
11. A Shy Child
12. A Grove of Trees
13. A Bolt of Lightning

What would you put in your Jupiter soul collage?

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3 comments to " Thursday Thirteen Vol. 18 "

  • Nancy

    This is so cool! YOu did this on the computer right? I just love this idea…..and to do it on the computer would be so cool!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!! I know this is about Jupiter, but I really want to do one for Pluto. Actually doing one for all the planets would be so helpful in learning about them…..

  • Jeffrey Kishner

    Fuck, April, you are so talented. I wish I had your visual imagination.

  • Aw, thanks you guys. This collage business has really saved my creative ass at a time when I’ve really been running on empty. Yes, Nancy, I did this on the computer… and yes, why not do all the planets? I’d love to see your Pluto collage!