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Sun/Uranus labor disputes

The Sun/Uranus conjunction that was forming in the chart for Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Virgo (the sign of workers) was exact this morning. A conjunction of Sun and Uranus is an eloquent planetary description of popular revolt; coincidentally, here were two of the top stories in my local (San Diego) news this morning:

  • Faculty for 23 universities in the Cal State system will vote this week on a proposed labor strike. If the teachers vote in favor of the strike, it will lead to the largest walkout of professors in U.S. history. At stake: better pay, and health benefits (an important Pisces/Virgo issue) for lecturers.
  • Supermarket contract with 65000 workers expires tonight with no settlement yet reached for a new agreement. Supermarkets, labor, and consumers all fear another strike like the 4.5 month walkout/lockout that crippled three major supermarket chains three years ago. The major bone of contention this time around is a two-tiered benefits package that has resulted in longtime employees and new hires doing the same work for very different pay and health insurance coverage.

The shambles that is the U.S. health care system is obviously causing huge problems for citizens, industry, small business, and even education. Only insurance companies and big pharma seem to be benefitting from the current system. At least, during this two-year Pisces/Virgo eclipse season, the issue has started to get some play in the media, and politicians are at least beginning to acknowledge that there is a problem. I suspect the Pluto in Virgo generation will be the one that spearheads a workable solution to the crisis – or at least gets stuck cleaning up the mess.

4 comments to " Sun/Uranus labor disputes "

  • We had a happy, drama-free weekend eating and drinking like fools, despite the eclipse hitting the boyfriend’s Pluto/Mars conj. smack on. He then on Sunday got a massage from a friend that was amazing. (He gets massages *very* rarely.)

    More of THAT please! Yay! 😀 (W00t!)

  • Carolyn

    Here’s another story relating to the Sun/Uranus conjunction over the weekend.

    In South Bend, IN, where I live – 36 illegal immigrants were arrested and put on a bus for deportation to Mexico.

    Here is the story.

    Sun/Uranus and Labor issues – I would have never put those two together.

    Thanks April,

    Carolyn Anderson

    Edited to condense hyperlink – AEK 3/14/07

  • Carolyn

    And here is another story – the effects on the labor force continue. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) must be getting very strong under this influence. The Governor in Massachussets objected to the deportation of 300 Illegal immigrants arrested on Thursday for deportation in Boston.

    Here is the full story

    The Sun – life energy
    Uranus – breaking free

    It all sounds very profound – individuals breaking free from their life conditions – and Saturn must be involved somewhere with all this enforcement going on. But Uranus always wins in the end.

    And in Pisces – the sign of deep feelings

    Many, many people have a positiion on these issues.

    Hopefully by the solar eclipse next week, some of these issues will begin to be resolved – or at least organized so that some resolution can come.

    Carolyn Anderson

    Edited to condense hyperlink – AEK 3/14/07

  • Thanks, Carolyn! All quite fascinating, isn’t it? Pisces is considered the sign of immigrants and minorities, too, and the Sun/Uranus conjunction of course took place in that sign. Not a coincidence, I think, that the Virgo/Pisces eclipse cycle has been shining a spotlight on issues of immigration reform.