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Strengthen and support

The latest in a long line of renovation nightmares: shoring up our 80-year-old garage, which has been threatening to topple into our neighbor’s yard. Since it’s the nice neighbor and not the one who hates our cats, Jonny is parlaying the recent Solar Eclipse opposed his Saturn (poor guy) to strengthen and support this tenuous structure – a good use of Saturn energy, but not necessarily a fun way to spend your days. He found a pleasant Quaker fellow to give him a hand, however, and the two have been out back for the past couple of days wielding hoists, support beams, a jackhammer, and saws in a valiant attempt to rescue the old dump.

Mars is building up to an opposition with Pluto next week, though so maybe they’ll decide it’s too far gone and just pull it down. It would probably be smarter, in a lot of ways. But we like our old garage. It’s old and crappy and crooked. It goes with our house.

Wait, that didn’t come out right….