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New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Breaking Open, Breaking Down

by April Elliott Kent

Painting by Claudia Fernety

Practically from the moment Saturn entered Scorpio, my quiet, well-ordered life hit a series of potholes. It started when three of my neighbors went away, and I happily took charge of five extra cats. Then, like dominoes, a flurry of minor disasters fell. Friends in crisis needed visits and care. Our tabby Spike developed a malaise. A huge chunk of a beloved molar went missing one day. (I’ve reached the age when parts of my body have started defecting.)

The crescendo of suck came when one of my feline charges took a bad turn on the very day his owner was scheduled to return home. I rushed Amos to the vet and received a discouraging prognosis. All I could do was keep him as comfortable as possible and hold his paw until his owner arrived.

Eventually I was relieved of my cat-sitting duties, and life began to return to normal. The dentist put a temporary bit of goo on my tooth. Spike, as it turned out, was just fine. Finally, I thought, I could catch up on the work that’s been backing up since my latest speaking trip.

Except instead, I’ve spent two days on the couch with a heating pad, nursing the worst sore back I’ve had in years.

I realize a lot of people who have had a much rougher couple of weeks than I have. Thousands of people lost practically everything in hurricane Sandy. Two of my clients have been diagnosed with serious illnesses, a close friend lost a beloved aunt to cancer, another suffered a stroke, and yet another is devoting every bit of energy to caring for her mother, who has advanced Alzheimer’s. And frankly, it’s embarrassing to admit that all it took to send me to the edge was a couple of ailing cats, a tired old tooth, and a schedule that was a bit too full.

On the other hand, misery is relative. Mine was powerful enough to hobble my back and drive me to the couch – which, if I’m honest, has been a pretty welcome place to hang out for a couple of days. It’s been a busy year full of traveling, speaking, and socializing, and I guess I was overdue for a rest. The last two weeks distilled a year’s worth of craziness into one potent package of overscheduling and worry, just enough to tip me over the cliff.

Which brings us to the November 13 Solar Eclipse at 21.57 Scorpio, which falls in my 12th house. Unlike transits, eclipses move clockwise around the chart instead of counterclockwise. And so eclipses in the 1st and 7th houses – often a cycle of greater than usual activity – are naturally followed by eclipses in the 12th and 6th houses, where we deal with the fallout from all that commotion.

I’m a stubborn Leo, and it practically takes a tranquilizer dart to slow me down.  Or, apparently, an eclipse in powerful, deeply feeling Scorpio. I don’t even want to tell you how much I cried over my neighbor’s poor cat, who lived just long enough to spent one last day with his owner. I adored Amos, but even so, my response was a bit more intense than it should have been. It seemed to belong to a different species of grief, something older and deeper that should have been healed a long time ago.

Eclipses in Scorpio can tap into fathomless wellsprings of emotion, much of it old and painful. Where do you have a backlog of emotional energy that needs to be discharged? Where have you taken a particular course of action as far as it can reasonably go? Where is life ready to break you down and build you back up, stronger this time?

With Saturn also in Scorpio, the scorpion’s house in your chart pinpoints not only where change is coming in your life, but where it is likely to be lasting. (Don’t know how to find Scorpio in your chart? See this blog post.) Not every crisis or setback in life forces a serious and lasting reevaluation; most of them we simply survive the best we can, then move along as quickly as possible. But the eclipses of the coming two years, particularly the ones in Scorpio, mean business. Something in you is being cracked open, and you might be a little freaked out by the goblins that come leaping out. But as scary as it is to think that you’ve been carrying all that stuff around, isn’t it infinitely better to have it out of there and in the open?

The nature of Scorpio is that once you’re in a relationship, a home, a persona, a career, looking after a friend’s pet – you’re all in. But while there may be no limit to your passions and compassion, Saturn in Scorpio challenges you to learn how to avoid being completely overwhelmed by your feelings – by learning how to let go, and by understanding the limits of being human.

© 2012 April Elliott Kent

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8 comments to " New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Breaking Open, Breaking Down "

  • Very nicely written:, insightful, inspiring with just enough humor- not pithy or overly dramatic. Empathic. i like!

  • Natori

    Very good post, dear April. I am so sorry about your neighbor’s kitty cat. May Amos R.I.P. I know what you mean about the things that put us over the edge and/or come up for healing being relative, i.e., unique to the individual. Of all things that came up for me over the past few days is remembering a long bus ride I used to take to get to high school because we moved in November of my first year there, and how much I’ve subconsciouslly still had attached to having to take that long bus ride, because of how much shorter and friendlier my commute to school would have been had our family not moved. I mean on the surface this seems trivial, right…but there was more to it than this…a neighbor family I missed out on getting to know better because we moved, a school I didn’t choose to go to because there would be a long commute and then because we moved I wound up having a long commute anyway, etc. etc. It’s quite interesting the threads the Universe reveals at times like this that can show us so much more going on if we tug on them (gently of course) !

  • Wonderfully written and so my experience, April. Your concluding paragraph is currently where I live in a big way, further emphasized by T-Pluto conjunct my Moon, with the 3rd and final exact pass late this month. Learning to limit my passion and compassion about sums it up. I wrote this note to myself: “You don’t have to do everything with the same level of intensity!” Sending much healing and soothing and letting go to you–and all who are “going through stuff!”

  • Thanks for sharing, April. Sending love.

  • Marly K

    Wow. That eclipse falls squarely in my 5th house. In my mind, it was falling in my 4th.

    Maybe I can finally get some resolution for that Moon/Venus/Pluto t-square that’s been the bane of my existence. Sorry to sound bitter but, man, what a tarbaby that’s been. And I’d love to get some change moving here, seeing that I’m 43 and have been divorced for going on 12 years. It’s already pinging in this aspect of my life since last night when an unexpected sighting on an online dating site triggered it. And I was doing so damn well, finally!

    Many smooches to you, dear April. Back problems can take such a long time to recover from!

  • Angel Huddleston

    Crescendo of suck. Hahahaha! You’re awesome. 🙂

  • Gia

    Another great perspective, April. These eclipses are in my 1st/7th house and will back into my 12th/6th. Right now, I’m finally feeling a real shift in my life and a burst of confidence. Are you saying that once they move into my 12th, things will be more of a struggle for me, like what you’re experiencing now? Not really liking Saturn in the 12th but doing the necessary house cleaning feels sort of liberating in a way.
    Best of luck with your back problems, how incredibly frustrating but probably your body’s way of telling you to slow down.

  • Angel Huddleston

    In ~2yrs of doing Bikram, I’ve never hurt myself. Guess who tweaked her back this morning. *points to self* I credit your article with having a ridiculously–yet sincerely–positive attitude about it. 🙂 Thank you!

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