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Eclipse fallout: Impermanence as a good thing

I woke this morning thinking about how exhausting that lunar eclipse on Saturday was, and about how I’m just beginning to find my balance.  And my mind kept returning to this old essay about the impermanence of things – right down to the earth beneath our feet – and about how that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

During this season of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn – the signs of security and home, and of the larger world outside it – here is some food for thought: As much as we seek security, our souls know we need movement in order to keep growing. Even the earth – our home – is not a given, not a solid platform we stand  upon. Like life, it’s a relatively thin and fragile thing, broken into big pieces that bang together, drift apart, and graze each other in passing – full of movement and change, designed to put us exactly where we need to be and to keep us wondering where, precisely, that is.  read the full article here

4 comments to " Eclipse fallout: Impermanence as a good thing "

  • Diane Hayes

    Diane from Northwest Indiana here … I’ve had many thoughts lately of tornados vs. earthquakes as my boyfriend is from California. Like you, the tornados don’t scare me as much as the earth beneath me rumbling. But I’d never thought of it as a metaphor until now. I’m going to mull this awhile and see how it fits in my life. With a Cancer moon/Virgo sun I am a strange mix of cocksure and always anxious. Thanks!

  • As ever, beautifully put, April. Bravo!

  • Diane – Cancer Moon/Virgo Sun… cocksure?! Anxious I can understand, but… fire sign ascendant by any chance? Prominent Mars?!

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