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Pulling back and centering

It’s been an intense but not entirely unpleasant couple of post-eclipse days around here, during which many chickens came home to roost at once and quickly overran the coop. Something about these eclipses in mutable signs really brings on the crazy/busy vibe, doesn’t it? I finally got to the point that one ultimately reaches in these situations, the point where you realize you can’t possibly keep all those balls in the air and had better stop juggling before something (possibly you) falls down and busts into a thousand pieces. So I’ve slammed on the brakes, set down a few balls, and made some decisions that should help restore my sanity, reconnect me to the still center within, etc.

One of the balls I had to give up, with considerable regret, was my planned sojourn to the Blast Conference in Sedona at the end of the month. Our lives had quite a different configuration back when I accepted the mini-lecture gig, and it still seemed possible even a few days ago… but now it’s become clear that, due to work obligations, the trip can’t be made without contorting ourselves into zany, pretzel-like configurations. Alas and alack. To those friends I won’t have a chance to meet up with there, have a tremendous time and we’ll connect at some later time and different place, for sure. In the meantime, enjoy what promises to be a killer conference in what is, by all accounts, an authentically magical place.

I’m also giving up Thursday Thirteen. It’s a fun meme, but I don’t have as much blogging time as I’d like these days, so I’m letting it go.

Creating space. Making room to slow down for a little while, replenish the creative juices, figure out which way to go next.
How are all of you doing? Keeping all the balls in the air?

6 comments to " Pulling back and centering "

  • Not only are my progressed Moon and progressed Mars(r) now conjunct (29 Taurus – only a week left!!) but transiting Mars is opposing my Asc and natal Moon. Grr. Grr. Grr. Also I”m hormonally challenged. Perhaps I shouldn’t have scheduled a blind date for tomorrow night. Poor guy.

    Hope we still see you around here once in awhile! But do enjoy the space. Important thing.

    The code for this post: BURN. 🙂

  • YEP! Too many balls in the air–and I DID fall and shatter into a bunch of pieces. Came down with pneumonia during this eclipse!!!! had to let go of a LOT of activities for 3 weeks! had to restructure most of my life, a process which began a bit earlier but picked up steam with the eclipse. ALL wonderful changes, but some totally unexpected!

    yes, a busy/zany time: my husband’s office ,which I help manage, came down with crazy-itis and the whole staff are in a tizzy–making MY life just a littlle more–challenging, shall we say..

    I GET IT though– and my own blog poitnts out the need for RELEASE and RENEWAL. I ALWAYS get answers in meditation and long walks (whenI can walk again that is! I am still having a little breathing trouble!) )

    Hang int here.. I love your website and blog!
    Hope you DO get to visit SEDONA some day..I live in Az. and Sedona IS MAGICAL.

  • Hi leslee – My hope is you’ll actually see me around here more! And word (are we still using that expression?) on the hormonal havoc… I’ll say no more. Except, you know, good luck on your blind date. (Burn, baby!)

    Maddie – Yikes, and I hope you’re on the mend! I think I’ve heard about more people with pneumonia this winter than ever before. Nasty; take good care!

  • Carolyn

    You’re not alone April – I have the Sun in 23 Pisces and the Moon in 25 Sag. Fortunately – I was also 60 last week, so I know enough to leave some space around the eclipses – so the craziness has been just interesting – not overwhelming.

    I’m sorry to hear you are giving up the blog. I really enjoy your insights. You and Susan Miller are my favorite Astrology writers on the web. Will you be involved with Astrology (in a public way) anywhere else?

  • Carolyn,, thanks so much for your kind words. Rest assured that I’m not giving up the blog, though! – just the Thursday Thirteen entries. 🙂

    The irony, of course, is that not only am I an astrologer who should know better than to overload herself during eclipses: I’m an astrologer who specializes in eclipses and I still forget! Anyway, things are feeling much calmer around here this week.

  • I think I sent you and my other closest astrologer friends an email. It’s nutso over here, but in lots of good ways. I’ve already written 2500 words today, and I’m sure I’ll write almost that much more before the end of the day. Every day. I didn’t write that up so much to the eclipse as to all my other transits AND the Equinox, which without fail lobs something at the side of my head. I’m so sorry that you can’t go to that conference. I’ll miss your Thursday 13, but it just sucks to miss hooking up with friends for that which is so close to our hearts and spirits. Hang in there, sweetheart!