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Requiem for a phone

johnAccording to my SkyLog report, Friday was meant to have been something of a banner day for me: transiting Uranus was precisely conjunct my IC and opposed the MC. By rights, a day like that should have found me moving into a new job with an accompanying palatial residence, such as the White House (out, damn George!), for instance, or perhaps leading an epic revolution amongst the proletariat.

Instead, I dropped my cell phone into the toilet. I guess that’s a legitimate, if little explored, interpretation of what can happen when Uranus (technology) in Pisces (water) collides with a sensitive point in your chart. Without getting into particulars, I can report that my stalwart phone was still almost fully operational following its Esther Williamsesque plunge – except for its LED screen, which was utterly blank, a proverbial tabula rasa. Other than the cootie factor, clearly a blank, expressionless phone was not going to get the job done; a well-documented phoneaphobe, I need to be able to read the display to see whose call I’m considering not taking.

Quote of the day came from my Uranus-rising cousin whose response to the tragedy was a hearty “bwahahaha!” followed by “a moment of silence to honor your fallen (in) comrade.” Perhaps inspired by her characterization of my “comrade” I trudged off to the mall yesterday and came home with my brand new, RED phone, which I’ve dubbed, with some irony, John – a nod not only to his predecessor’s Waterloo (so to speak), but also to journalist and communist sympathizer John Reed.

I don’t even like to think about what might happen the day transiting Uranus opposes my natal Mars.

3 comments to " Requiem for a phone "

  • Carolyn

    Ummmmh –

    Sorry about your communications blahs, burps, blips – whatever!

    Happy about your attitude. Maybe that’s what the Uranus on the MH was. Looking up in the face of a confusing tragedy!

    Hang in there April. I have a feeling you’re going to love that new phone.


  • Here’s another ‘bwahahaha!’ from another Uranus-rising girl…. dare I mention about how Uranus events tend to happen quick as a flush?

    hope you’re loving your new phone xxx

  • Hee! Nice one, Barbara.

    Thanks, ladies… so far, “John” and I are very happy together!