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Mars/Saturn lessons

We’re only a few days into Mars’ interminable journey through Cancer (until MAY 9, people. MAY 9! – okay, with January and February off for good behavior, but still), and already I’m feeling defensive and prickly. Someone owes me money (Mars is conjunct my natal Venus), a situation that never fails to make me crazy (and almost never happens, because I demand payment in advance for almost everything I do). Also, I’ve spent too much time over the past few days contemplating the very reasonable, helpful, and politely worded comments of my editor, until all I can see are the crippling deformities of my book and my shocking deficiencies as a writer. In summary: I feel cranky and overemotional. I think it’s just about time to retreat to the couch with something crunchy (I’m thinking microwave popcorn – a very Mars in Cancer snack, I think) to enjoy some diverting television (perhaps those Flight of the Conchords episodes I taped over the weekend).

On the other hand, Mars is approaching a rather spiffing sextile to Saturn (exact on the 8th of October) and I’m finally making my way to nearly the bottom of my “to do” file. I actually worked only a few hours over the weekend! Truly, it’s been a brutal couple of months – all my own doing, of course – and it took Saturn moving into Virgo (and the looming specter of Pluto entering Capricorn in January) to stop me in my tracks and convince me to make some hard decisions, lest I find myself in this predicament again.

A week or two ago I did a little soul-searching in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep (because, you know, I couldn’t stop worrying about how everything would get done) and decided that instead of operating about four separate businesses I would focus on being an astrologer and a writer, period. I promptly turned down a part-time contracting job that didn’t fall into these categories and decided not to take on any new web design projects for the foreseeable future. And guess what: I’m sleeping better. Who knew?

So let me ask you, my wise and witty readers: How do you get things done? Is it some winning combination of shrewd planning and mad organizational skillz? Pure luck? A certain easy-going, Piscean je ne sais quoi? Because my life just isn’t that complicated, and I find it weird that I always seem to be kind of overwhelmed and running behind. Enlighten me!

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  • I tend to carve out several hours and alot an hour or so each to whichever task is most pressing. Something’s gotta give, though. I’ve called in mental health days at work in certain situations. 😉

  • Foxxy

    I work three different ways.

    I let myself get overwhelmed. I find it just isn’t interesting unless there’s a degree of panic. Do or Die! (Pluto square mars)

    Or else I treat it as a mission. Seriously mission impossible theme music in the back of my mind and everything. (Mars in Capricorn, and because this always comes on as an impulse I think it carries the Uranus sextile flavour as well)

    Or! I transcend it all. For instance, today as most days I’m entering the invoices and the time sheets at work . . but really I’m surfing the web. Two invoices or one time sheet, thennnn one webpage, two invoices or one time sheet and thennnn . . Work what work? (Neeeeptune!)

    I’m a capricorn with capricorn mars square pluto and sextile Uranus, and neptune in the 12th house sextile pluto which makes me want to escape all the time! Work? hahah! I can get outta that! Or suddenly (Uranus) buckle down and blow that work away!

  • Looking at what you have created here in the last several months, book, website redo, writing and such wow.

    April, you’re good at everything you do and you like to ‘do’ alot of things (I suspect) and that takes alot of energy. So yeah for staying focused and spinning too many plates. I can so relate **smile**

  • Maddie

    All week, I toss stuff on one large desk area into big piles of crap till they are all falling over., And ONCE MORNING A WEEK I MAKE MYSELF go in and file the piles. I toss out the recipes I clipped that iIreally did not want, the ad for wine on sale that I won’t buy. I put the bills into my BILL file in the file drawer.I put the inspirational articles into my “inspirational article “file in the file drawer.

    My two big black file cabinets make it happen.I have a folder file for EVERYTHING and toss pieces of paper into them once a week.

    I also keep a large DAY PLANNER with me all the times and jot down stuff I HAVE To DO on the day I have to do it.

    Most of the time this “system” works, but I still feel like I live with too much clutter and am constantly trying ways to make it more least ONCE MORNING A WEEK it all looks good..

  • Maddie

    Yeah, and once a week my BRAIN works too–sorry for all the typos! I am in Pisces Rising mode today–

  • You guys rule. Thanks for sharing your ideas about getting things done! And thanks to Foxxy I’ve had the Mission Impossible theme running through my brain for days.

    Basically I’m working with a desk calendar, an automated computerized reminder system, and good old post-it notes on file folders.I don’t have too much trouble keeping track of what needs to be done (though I like Maddie‘s approach to handling big old stacks of paper – the scourge of my existence; what happened to the “paperless office” idea?) but I’m sure having a hard time learning not to overschedule myself.

    Thanks for the “atta girl”, Michele. I guess I have gotten a lot done lately, but of course it never feels like enough!

  • I don’t seem to share your natal planets but I’m going through something similar – I am a writer and artist, interested in astrology, right now juggling 2 clerical jobs and a sales job — really, really wanting to be creative! I have natal Mars 18deg Virgo/3rd house, so I’m pretty good at organizing… sometimes. What works best for me is files, shelves or at least buckets for the various topics – that way at least the pile is not totally random. And recently, I have been trying at the end of each evening to put things away — it makes an amazing difference!

    Right now, transiting Mars is the lopsided handle of my whole bowl-shaped natal chart, and my energy is very strong and very odd! I decided this past month to find a little, cheap house in the middle of nowhere and keep only the parttime jobs I can do from home!I signed the offer on my 52nd birthday (9/25)… it seemed quite sudden on the surface but it had been building for a least a year (Pluto is still coming into full square with my natal Sun – I’m guessing that was it). I feel an irresistable need to have all my “stuff” in one place, to stop commute and “navigating” so many desks — I want to simplify! And it has come to a head that I want to be creative at any cost, even if I’m eating cheaply and physically farther from friends (I’m only talking 2 hours here, not continents :-))
    Anway, thanks for the great topics and the clear examples! I have you bookmarked. 🙂

  • I sit in a corner facing the wall and suck my thumb. I prioritize by starting with anything that may result in criminal penalties if I don’t deal with it. Then I start reading something and promptly forget what I’m doing.

  • Slavica

    It is an interesting thing to see that we all have same problems but different way of solving them. Me for example, I am very much aware of the natural chaos that nature tends to create by it self so I let my self go with a flow until things get back to order again i.e. fall in their natural place. In the meantime instead of being seek worry I choose take advantage of the situation and rethink my decisions. I always rely on my self as it never failed me, my unseen power and ability to comprehend thing deeper that they appear gives me strength to stay on top of the things. There is a saying in my country that every miracle lasts for three days, so no matter what happens it will pass.

  • Hi,

    Put less on your ‘to do’ list each day, and feel better when you accomplish your list each night.

    Do not answer the phone, email or the doorbell when on deadline just finish your task at hand, and stay focused. DO NOT MULTI TASK, it will cripple you and you will continually feel overwhelmed.

    Cut out caffeine, drink more water & herbal teas to stay calm.

    Yes, you a daily planner and agenda and take 20 minutes to keep it in order per day.

    Decide when your most productive time of the day/evening is, and accomplish the most demanding tasks during that time.

    Take a break every 90 minutes for a walk and/or snack/beverage. Breaks should last 5-10 minutes.
    It will clear your mind, recharge your battery (fuel is good) & allow you to return to the task at hand refreshed. DO NOT GO AND DO ANOTHER TASK DURING THE BREAK. (Do not check email or phone messages at the break, as you will start ‘multi tasking’ and will lose focus.) It’s called a break for a reason ;]

    Check email and phone once or twice a day/evening
    otherwise you become a slave to our communication tools.

    And last but not least, if none of the above is working, consider hiring an assistant on contract (for a brief period so you can climb out from under the seemingly unsurmountable work load).

    Take care,

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