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Perfectionism trampled cruelly underfoot

I’m a Leo and Jonny is a Libra, but this is a very Virgo household. Our composite chart has oodles of Virgo planets, I’ve got Mars, Pluto, and the Midheaven in Virgo, and Jonny has Venus and Mars in this service-loving sign.

So while you’d think I’d be happy (for once) about Saturn ending his interminable dance across my many Leo planets, that joy is eclipsed by the prospect of Saturn in Virgo torturing my Virgo household for the next two years (through October 29, 2009). As Virgo types, both my dear spouse and I endeavor to deliver excellent service, customer satisfaction, and a high degree of quality in all we do; if we occasionally fall short of these goals – and we do, we do! – it’s not for lack of trying. Alas, the lesson of Saturn in Virgo seems to be that as mere mortals, we will inevitably – and more often than we’d like – fall short of perfection. We will from time to time fail to meet our goals, will fail to make customers happy, and will let a few bad pieces of work slip through the cracks, if only because we didn’t get quite enough sleep last night.

I’m sure the lesson in all this is to stop identifying so closely with our work, to learn to celebrate imperfection as part of the human condition, etc. But today, specifically, it’s frustrating… so very, very frustrating.

Are you a perfectionist? And are you finding it harder and harder to meet your own high standards?

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  • Eme

    No, I’m not. But my guy has Virgo rising and I think he’s having a hard time with it. He’s also a Scorpio Sun so he tends to see things in black and white.

  • I say screw the ‘work’ and do something random for yourselves.

    I am just doing art for the next 30 days…office/studio’s a mess and my Perfect Virgo self is sitting back watching ‘why aren’t you doing this or that’…and I am rebelling and reveling.

    I found a 12 x 12 inch clear patch on my desk and started creating. What the heck. My conscious mind is out to lunch anyway with Mercury moving through my 1st/12th house. **smile** This too shall pass.

  • Yah, 4 planets in Virgo here (Merc, Venus/Pluto, Sun) not to mention all those little asteroids… very efficient and detail-oriented, but a lifetime of Virgo Sun square Saturn has made it very clear perfection ain’t a possibility. Just plow ahead… I hear Virgos are often slobs just because they give up if perfection can’t be achieved. Anyway Mercury, a Virgo ruler, is retrograde, so that’s another thing that’s going to be frustrating right now. (Just think how fun the upcoming Mars retro will be.) 🙂

  • April I felt the impulse to share one of my collages that speaks to this Virgo energy… I hope this link works

  • Oh Michele, your collages continue to be staggeringly cool. One I also liked was this one.

    leslee, I’m always observing to my Virgo cients that sloppiness and procrastination are the sign of giving up on their perfectionistic ideals, and invariably I get emphatic nods of agreement. And as for Mars retrograde (fingers in ears): lalalala… I can’t hear you!

    Good luck to your sweetie, Eme. Virgo rising is tough enough with getting Saturn involved.

  • “Perfectionista” is my title at work! But I have to say that Saturn in Virgo has been far more about my pets than my perfectionism. My healthy, too, is getting a “second look” during the retrograde. I’m not happy that blood tests are being run next week, but it’s definitely a delayed test, something that should have been run three years ago.

    I feel for you guys and all your Virgo planets trembling underfoot of Saturn, which will go station Rx within a degree of my poor little unaspected Venus Rx in Virgo. (The previous square was health stuff, too, but everything turned out great.) And your hubby with his Venus/Mars. Oy! I wince just thinking about it.

  • Saturn’s on my ass right now … no, I mean my Asc. I have exceedingly high expectations of myself. Oy, the pressure!

  • Michelle

    I’m a Virgo Rising with Pluto just a few degrees from the Asc (in the 12th house) so perfectionism has always been an issue for me. Thankfully, I also have Mars in Pisces so I do know how to let go eventually – although not until I’ve picked something apart or tried to organize it for the umpteenth time.
    Now with Saturn there – oh boy, good times!

    I can see the drama unfolding already at work. I’m becoming the heavy, the do-gooder, stay late, clean up the messes, etc. ….while my co-hort/co-worker — the Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Sag, the wild and free one — leaves early, blasts her itunes (even with earphones on), talks on the phone, seemingly looks for any distraction to avoid doing any work. The contrast is actually amusing from an astrological point of view.

    I think to keep things from becoming too much of a polarity, I’m going to purposefully screw up something and cause some chaos somewhere so I don’t end up embodying the Saturn archetype entirely!

  • missmichele

    I have Virgo in my natal 4th…we tried selling our house. Gave up…hunkering down…slowly attempting to go with the flow and make this house a home and try and realize were here for a few years. So it’s time for me to put down roots and form the foundation for a life in a new home and a new state and as an empty nester of sorts on top of everything else! Lotsa’ stuff happening for me with this Saturn in Virgo thang happenin’ in the cosmos! My life is turning a corner, I’m sure Saturn’s influence is JUST what I need to help me buckle down and do what it is I KNOW I need to do with this next phase of my life! You know,…Saturn, it’s not ALL bad! 🙂 Namaste, Michele

  • Maria, hope both you and kitty are doing okay!

    Yikes, Jeffrey. Saturn on your keester – no fun. I guess running like, six blogs at a time will wear a guy out, eh? 😉 I’ve been having Saturn squaring my Ass/ASC and it sounds like we’re both getting a little worn down. (Excuse me while I thumb through my ephemeris in search of happy Jupiter transits…)

    Michelle (Oct. 15), I think I’d have throttled your noisy co-worker long ago. Mars in Pisces has the patience of a saint.

    missmichele, what a terrific attitude toward Saturn in (or soon to be in!) your fourth house. It can take so long to feel really at home in a new place; for me, the impulse was always to just keep running. Buying our house ten years ago was a really good move, adding a little ballast to our lives. Good luck!

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