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Local news.

We continue to settle into a new routine around here, and it’s going pretty smoothly so far. The spouse has been having a lively time of it at work, though, since Mercury turned retrograde the day after he started and his first task was to buy a computer for himself and a server for his department. Needless to say, there have been… challenges, getting these items hooked up and ready to go. On the other hand, I’m sure there would have been anyway, retrograde or no retrograde. Computers, much as I love them, are rascals.

I’ve enjoyed a string of particularly delightful wedding electional clients over the past couple of weeks, a good number of whom have required a second round of dates after the fates rendered the first ones unusable. This *has* been a very retrogradey retrograde, but – I don’t know, maybe it’s the Pisces factor, but the people I’m dealing with seem to be rolling with the punches really well. It’s been a lot of fun, actually.

And hey – my progressed Moon moved into Aquarius last week! (When I announced this to my husband, he thought I said “obsessed Moon.” Which, of course, is what happens to your p. Moon when it moves into Scorpio.) I had a very good time with my last p. Moon in Aquarius, back in the early 80s. What I remember about that era was that it was one of the few times in my life when I really felt… socially at ease, I guess, is the way I would describe it. It was p. Moon in Pisces that kicked my ass. Well, I’ll enjoy this feeling of well-being while I can – about two and a half years, I suppose.

So, the end of another p. Moon in Capricorn epoch, and looking back it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I worked very hard and was worried about money a lot of the time. I was even crankier than usual. But I finished some good sized projects, including a book, and feel at the end of it all that I moved my game to the next level. Now, it’s time to play for awhile.

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