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Progressions: Making Progress

timing eclipse fallout
timing eclipse fallout Most modern astrologers make some use of secondary progressions. What are they? How are they useful? Should you use them?

Secondary progressions are a theoretical way of moving your birth chart forward to reflect your growth, maturity, and yes, progress. Here’s why they’re useful and you should use them.

Working with transits is great. Transits are more external in nature than progressions; they describe events outside you, some of which have a very dramatic impact on the course of your life. But how you react to and are affected by a transit is more likely to be seen in the secondary progressions.

For example, let’s say a family member dies. You may see this reflected in a variety of hard planetary transits. But invariably, each family member responds in a slightly different way. The one with his progressed Moon conjunct natal Uranus on that day is being asked to adjust emotionally to the fact that life can change in an instant. The one with progressed Sun square natal Pluto is being asked to step up and be the hero, to shepherd everyone else through the tragedy.

It’s the rare person who really changes much, at a core level. We all do change a little – but it’s not the transits we face that tell that story. It’s the secondary progressions that demonstrate whether or not we are evolving, reaching for our full potential, and making real progress.

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  • Lisa

    Do you recommend any particular books, articles etc about progressions? Thanks!

    • There actually aren’t a lot of them, Lisa. I do like Steven Forrest’s “The Changing Sky” a lot, as well as Bernadette Brady’s “The Eagle and the Lark.”

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