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Progressed Moon

mandala-moon-phasesThe Moon is especially strong in Taurus, and I like the sign a lot. But I haven’t particularly enjoyed having my Progressed Moon here, and I’m looking forward to the greener pastures of Gemini and my 7th house, where my natal Moon has enjoyed itself for years.

The Progressed Moon in the sign behind your natal Moon sign is more or less a Balsmic Moon time. Letting go of habits and reviewing patterns that aren’t working for you, spending time in contemplation, catching up on your rest… these are Balsamic Moon activities.

But put the Progressed Moon in the diligent, here-and-now, hard-working 6th house, and it has a very hard time sitting back and contemplating its navel.

Where is your progressed Moon? If you’ve never worked with secondary progressions, this is a good place to start. Here’s a video I put together awhile back to help you find your Progressed Moon, and some thoughts about what to do with it.

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  • I really enjoyed my progressed Moon in Gemini – it was in the 11th house, so lots of socializing! Enjoy yours! I also enjoyed when my pMoon returned to its natal sign, Leo – did not like it in Cancer much at all (plus it was 12th house). My pMoon is currently in the 2nd house in Virgo, obsessing over the details of my finances. I am looking forward to it conjuncting my Sun in August.

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