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Jupiter enters Virgo: The Party’s Over

jup-virgoI was born with the Sun and various other planets and points in Leo. When Jupiter moved into the sign of the lion last year, my astro-savvy pals congratulated me as though I’d been nominated for an Academy Award. I have to admit, I felt pretty excited.

But despite its reputation as astrology’s most generous benefactor, Jupiter’s gifts are often best enjoyed in hindsight. While Jupiter is moving through a sign, a house, or in aspect to one of your natal planets, you can actually feel quite a lot of pressure—to live bigger, to be more daring, and to challenge your limitations.

You don’t have to have Leo planets to have felt Jupiter’s influence over this past year. Wanting to be noticed, have more fun, and connect with the engine that drives you—these are hallmarks of Jupiter in Leo. Leo is certainly a glamorous, fun-loving sign, but in combination with the exaggerated, exuberant influence of Jupiter, it can be a little too much of a good thing.

On August 11, Jupiter entered the more restrained territory of Virgo. It’s as though an epic, debauched party has come to an end and some clever, capable housekeeper has come along to shovel out the mess and cook a healthy breakfast for the revelers.

And to be honest, this Leo finds it an enormous relief. Jupiter is like an exciting house guest who runs you off your feet during the entirety of his visit, pushing you to investigate all the parts of your city that you’ve never seen, and keeping you up too late drinking wine and eating, eating, eating. I’m ready to get in shape and sort out my filing cabinet. Maybe tackle the huge hanging file of projects I dreamed up over the past year and actually do something with them!

Look to the house(s) of your chart where Virgo holds sway. (Don’t know how to find it? This post should help.) This is where you will be stretching, exploring new interests, and making significant advances—even if you don’t fully appreciate what you’ve accomplished until Jupiter enters Libra (Sep. 9, 2016).

In my own birth chart, Virgo’s territory precisely straddles the 9th and 10th houses. Historically, it’s been one of my most rewarding transits, when my 9th house dreams reach 10th house fulfillment. During other Jupiter in Virgo transits, I traveled far from home for the first time, graduated from high school and remade myself, left my office job to become a professional astrologer, and graduated from college at the age of 42. Twice, I got myself into terrific physical condition, as befits health conscious Virgo. Once, I met a man from a foreign land who would become my husband. This time around, my third and most ambitious book has just been published.

So, astro-savvy friends, now is actually the time to congratulate me—for having survived Jupiter in my sign! I’m grateful for the experiences it brought me, and I do feel I’ve grown, but I’m happy now to turn to Virgo work. I’m excited about the coming year. I hope you are, too!

Jupiter will be in Virgo between Aug. 11, 2015 – Sep. 9, 2016. Jupiter visits each sign for about one year, approximately every twelve years. In recent history, these years were 1956, 1967-69 (included retrograde periods), 1979, 1991, 2003. 


6 comments to " Jupiter enters Virgo: The Party’s Over "

  • Thank you for all of your insights!!! May God Bless You and Yours!!! Xoxoxo

  • I survived, too! We both had some big stuff going on. And soon it will sextile my ASC, blow up Venus, and then party like dead poets with Pluto and Uranus. It’s 11th rather than 10th house stuff, but I say bring it!

  • ilona

    Yes congratulations…I too have survived it having my Leo Sun in the 7th albeit now separated having dealt with it quiet well but differently.

  • Du

    it would appear that you and I share an MC. I suppose it shouldn’t be any surprise to me that I’ve run into you now; this time 12yrs ago turned out to be an incredibly illustrative time for me. My foray into independent living, first long-term relationship (with a person form a very different background than my own) which took on a domestic twist straight away, the conception of my son, mature completion of high-school and enrollment into university, my consequent discovery of philosophy as an academic discipline, my first career job, business related travel, and a long sober look/evaluation of my relationship to partying and party-drugs. It’s a long list, and I am sure I’ve left things out. I’m teetering on the precipice of something now, and I can feel it, although it is still a little hazy. I can’t, like yourself, wait for the fall to rush in, but know deep down that there isn’t any reason to summer out the door. My plate will be full enough when the time comes. Thanks for the article. Right place, right time.

  • Steve

    Congratulations! 😉 Jupiter in the 9th and 10th sounds like a fantastic thing, certainly for you. My 9th / early 10th is packed, so the last time it happened to me there was A LOT going on, mostly good. I’m very interested in the Virgo aspect too. While in Leo Jupiter has spent most of its time in my 1st house, with the last retrograde going from an almost perfect trine to my Sun back to an almost perfect alignment with the AC. First time around I gained 12 lbs in a few months. I’m quite a fitness nut, so I’m not even sure how it happened (I was under a lot of stress and had been ill prior, so maybe that). I’ve managed to reverse at least half of it, but I’m kinda hoping Jupiter in Virgo will help there too, as you mention! I’m also hoping for a Jupiter in 2nd financial boost. I could really do with one. Soon as you like. Thanks!

  • Kaisa

    Congratulations to you, April! Acatally, I find in my astrological data Jupiter in Virgo 21°51’36 in house 4 stationary (D). I am wating for once-in-lifetime forwards.

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