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Help Herbst.

Help astrologer Bill HerbstJust found out today, via the ISAR e-newsletter, that astrologer, writer, and all around great guy Bill Herbst has suffered a debilitating stroke. According to his website, things have been damn rough. Bill has set up a recovery fund to help defray the nightmarish medical expenses while he gets back on his feet; I hope those of you who have appreciated Bill’s contribution to astrology over the years can kick some help his way, if you’ve got a little extra cash.

Don’t get me started on the sorry state of health care in this country. If like Bill (and many, many other astrologers) you dare to pursue the American ideal of self-employment, lots of luck getting individual health insurance. Especially if you’re over the age of 50 and/or have any preexisting conditions or are five or ten pounds overweight. Before my husband took his present job (with full benefits) our bare-bones, catastrophic-coverage health insurance cost us $300 per month. We switched to that when the policy we had through the City of San Diego (as business owners) more than doubled, skyrocketing to $1200 per month.

Last year another friend of mine – fully insured through her employer, mind you! – had to declare bankruptcy and move in with her mother after her husband’s cancer-related medical expenses wiped them out.

Anyway. Please help Herbst, if you can. Guys like him are astrology’s treasure.

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  • I put this blog on top the Astrology News. Thanks for bringing this to people’s attention. Get well, Bill!

  • elsa, you’re the bomb. Thanks so much!

  • I’m sure that I absorbed most of Bills ideas at various astroeconomics conferences. I certainly used a lot of them. I hope everyone can contribute something even if it is just a get well card and a few bucks. The NCGR has a fund called the Lucy Titunic Fund designed to give a few dollars to astrologers with medical needs. I hope he will apply to that fund. And Maybe ISAR could have a raffle at UAC for the benefit of Astrologers who need a few extra $ for medical expenses.

  • Thank you, kaye. I’d never heard of the Lucy Titunic Fund… I’ll be sure to pass that on. Great idea about the raffle, too.

    (I hope readers will follow Kaye’s link to the Astrological Investing website – it looks like a tremendous resource, especially in these financially fraught times, and somehow I hadn’t stumbled upon it before.)

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