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In which I send Adrian Grenier on a beer run.

sensitive Cancer guyI remember my dreams infrequently, and they’re seldom populated by the rich, famous, or good looking. That’s why I get a kick out of it when, say, a Zach Braff or an Adrian Grenier stumbles into my nocturnal Second Life.

Mr. Grenier, to the uninitiated, is the handsome young star of HBO’s series “Entourage” (in which he convincingly portrays… a handsome young star) and guest star of “The Devil Wears Prada.” Last night he made a surprise cameo in a dream in which I was hosting a rather miserable party. It seems my brother (who in real life never comes to any of my parties, but then neither does Adrian Grenier – the bastard) had invited a bunch of his buddies to my bash, and they not only showed up well in advance of him but also polished off all the beer. Just as the last brewskie was popped open, my buddy Adrian arrives. Apparently he and I have such a warm, affectionate relationship that not only do I feel perfectly comfortable sending him out for beer, HE CHEERFULLY AGREES to the errand. Dreams rule!

Now if I were 15 years younger and Adrian Grenier had a walk-on part in one of my dreams, I hope I’d be putting him to work doing something a little racier than running to 7-11 for beer. But even in dreamland, when you’re an overwhelmed, tired, middle-aged woman with too many guests and too little grog, the likes of Adrian Grenier are little more than a pair of (presumably gorgeous) helping hands and a willing set of car keys.

Isn’t it fun to imagine our dreams are cast with celebrities who perfectly embody the transits and progressions moving through our charts? I’m not (much) given to magical thinking, but I like to believe something in my unconscious perceives the astrological matrix of a celebrity even when my waking mind has not given them a second thought. For instance, I’ve watched nearly every episode of “Entourage”, big old HBO whore that I am, and I enjoy the Grenier vibe – he seems like a guy who honestly likes women. Sure enough, a quick glance at Mr. Grenier’s natal planets reveals the Sun (conjunct Venus) at 18+ degrees of woman-loving Cancer – just a tad off an opposition to today’s New Moon in Capricorn at 17.33 Capricorn.

Thank you, Mr. Grenier, for your deft portrayal of the antidote to this New Moon (which happens to fall within shouting distance of my natal second-house Saturn in the 2nd house – can you say “scarcity complex”?). Trying to provide for the entertainment needs of scores of people but running short on the necessaries, like booze? Just ask for assistance from a young, sweet, straight-but-honestly-likes-women sensitive guy. And make it domestic beer, Adrian. Unless you’re buying.

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  • olga

    Ah, a woman (you -accomplished astrologer no less) with a 2nd house Saturn – could you kindly educate the rest of us on what one is supposed to understand, learn and manifest in one’s life with that placement. (B-day Dec. 26, 1955, 12:51am Toronto Cda) I’m still flummoxed after all these years! With truly grateful appreciation and wonder…

  • Hi Olga! Oh, I could write a book about Saturn. (Hmmmmm….) Or at least a nice long article! For now I’ll just say that Saturn in the 2nd or in Taurus seems determined to coach us into a state of self-sufficiency and enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures. Often we’re presented with early life circumstances that leave us feeling insecure about having – or about being able to provide for ourselves – the bare essentials of life: money, food, shelter. This fundamental fear can make it very difficult to relax and enjoy life without constantly feeling the wolf is at the door!

    More and more I equate Saturn with a tough coach, teacher, or boss who really wants you to do your best and will kick your ass every step of the way until you perform well. Meryl Streep’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada” is a note-perfect example; she reminds me precisely of the toughest boss I ever had (a Capricorn!), who nevertheless taught me everything I know about professionalism.

    You’ve inspired me; I may have to write something about this at some point…

  • I agree dreams are important. However they usually embody archetypal characteristics of our selves. So, our views or beliefs about the different aspects of our being often dictate the imagery we see in our dreams.

    In essence changing your concious views of yourself and the world around you can often lead to similar imagery in our sub-concious mind which may then be accessed in the dream state.

  • I once dreamed David Duchovny was a vampire and was sucking my neck. It was rather nice. I don’t remember when it was and never checked my transits, but I’m betting on something to do with my natal Venus conjoined Pluto. 😉

  • I didn’t know you had a second house Saturn! So do I. Michael Lutin told me pretty much the same thing (he compared it to wolves having to raise themselves in the forest), but he added it was all a crock – second house Saturn can ALWAYS provide well for itself. They just never believe it.

    Jackie Onassis had it, too.

  • Ah… I’m gearing up for a transiting Pluto/Venus opposition, leslee. Perhaps there are some sexy vampire dreams in my future…

    Susie, I love Lutin’s analogy. Whenever I acted up as a kid my mom liked to say, “What, were you raised by wolves?” Guess she was on to something! And it’s true that I’ll always get the bases covered one way or another, but there’s tremendous fear and anxiety around those issues for me. On the other hand, I’m not sure there’s any other place in my chart I’d choose to have Saturn, either!

  • That is the only thing that sucks about dreams waking up from them lol. All the times they are wonderful and you wish you would never wake up only to do so. The dream job, the dream vacation or the time you hung out with such and such celebrity. Dreams can be so unfair lol.

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