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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Scorpio (Much)

Roughly a metric buttload (what? it’s a measurement!) of planets are currently moving through Scorpio, and people can’t stop talking about it. Of course, it doesn’t take much to get people talking about Scorpio. We’re fascinated by his power, his intensity, his compelling promises of sex and tax refunds. But some have an axe to grind with Scorpio. We accuse him of emotional foul play, may even be a little afraid of him.

Don’t fear Scorpio, my friends. There’s a method to his madness. Scorpio is like a building inspector who probes the eaves of your roof with a pointy little tool to check for termite damage. His job is to find out where you’re weak.

I don’t know your particular Scorpio situation, so I don’t know his reasons. He may be probing out of altruism, to help you become a better person. He may be probing out of spite. Or he may be probing because he’d really, really like to trust you – but first, he has to make sure you’re not weak, because a weak person can’t be trusted. If push comes to shove, a weak person will sell you out faster than Fredo Corleone sold out his own brother to Hyman Roth. And then Scorpio would have to go to all the trouble to get a boat and find someone to take you out fishing on Lake Tahoe….

Okay, so maybe you could be a little afraid of Scorpio.

Anyway, the probing. Scorpio probes, and pushes your buttons. His reasons for doing so notwithstanding, that’s his job description.

Your job, on the other hand, is to address your psychic termite damage and make yourself stronger. It would be a nice touch to thank the Scorpio inspector for pointing out your structural weakness so that you could address them.  And needless to say, you should never, ever take sides against the family.

The  Scorpio Planets All-Star lineup:

Sun in Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21, 2010
Mercury in Scorpio: Oct. 20 – Nov. 8, 2010
Venus in Scorpio: Sep. 8, 2010 –  Jan. 6, 2011
Mars in Scorpio: Sep. 14 – Oct. 27, 2010

9 comments to " Why You Shouldn’t Fear Scorpio (Much) "

  • I suppose this is why I feel like they’re kicking me in the head?

  • Thought you would want to know an interesting “aside” hehe! I witnessed complete JUSTICE this week! It involved 2 females, a Taurus boss and a Libra employee (with some Scorpio thrown in). Sound Venus Rx in Scorpio yet? For many months, the employee was doing really wrong, and everyone knew but the boss, who didn’t want to hear it from anyone, so morale was low. When the rest of the planets arrived in Scorpio (particularly the Sun, which shines light on things), she FINALLY saw, took care of business immediately, and now everyone is happy (except for the fired employee).

  • Hey, last night was my 2nd birthday — Sun slipped over the ASC. And with all the rest of the Scorpio planets cozying up in my 1st, it’s a party. Sort of. :/

  • Oh, heck yeah! Once I realized that’s what was happening every year just before Halloween, it totally made sense why I always felt “reborn” just before Halloween, even as a child. 🙂

  • Love this post! Scorpio and Pluto are the strongest sign and planet in my chart. I stay probing myself for structural and psychological damage. People get scared when I do it to them, but it’s mostly for the purpose of educating myself and helping others.

    • It can be disconcerting to be on the receiving end of the Scorpio/Pluto probing, Jara – but I’ve always kind of enjoyed it, as long as the motivations were good (and you can tell in a second when they’re not). 🙂

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