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Mars in Sagittarius Refrigerator Poetry


SagittariusMars entered Sagittarius last night – and there the warrior planet shall mount his crusade, tilting at windmills astride a fiery steed, through December 7.

Are you feeling Mars’ primal vigor colliding with Sagittarius’ good-natured enthusiasm and occasional, exasperating pomp?  Enjoy it; after six weeks of looking warily over your shoulder, waiting for Mars in Scorpio’s ninjas to attack, it’s refreshing to know that any threats or challenges will at least come at you head-on and in the full light of day.

What does this Mars in Sagittarius means for you? Here are some Mars and Sagittarius related keywords and a bunch of conjunctions and prepositions (I believe the technical terms for these is “connecting word thingies”). Cut ‘em out and mix and match ‘em like refrigerator poetry, letting the wings of your imagination fly recklessly free;  enjoy!

Mars Connecting
anger in ideals
kicking/biting/punching at judges and judgment
competition with preachers and clergy
initiative on books and publishing
sex about education
aggression toward long journeys
assertiveness after foreigners
work into horses and large animals
impatience before philosophy

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