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Getting Unstuck

meTwo great friends of ours just made a huge move from San Diego to London. For months, they downsized in preparation for the move; they must have had three or four yard sales, and everytime they visited us they left boxes and bags of household items. They spent weeks scraping and patching and painting the 1913 bungalow they’d called home for more than a decade, getting it ready to sell. It sold quickly in a soft market; and last week they packed up the remainder of their belongings, gave away their car and relinquished their elderly cat to a doting new home, and flew away to the U.K.

Can I just say here how much I miss them – but also, how very, very jealous I am?

I’ve been feeling very stuck, very much in a rut these past few weeks. My days have been as flat as a soda that’s been sitting around with its cap off. To put it bluntly, I’m tired of who I am, what I have, and how I spend my time. And my life is by no means bad! Neat husband, swell house, good friends, modest success in my chosen profession. So what gives?

This morning, looking at my chart, I was struck by several things. First is that Uranus/natal IC-MC transit, which is kind of old news at this point. I’ve been feeling itchy for awhile, restless for a dramatic move or even a change in my career. And while my back was turned transiting Saturn turned retrograde and is once again perilously close (5 degrees) to my natal Sun. It sucks to simultaneously feel as though you want to make a change and at the same time to feel as though you’re pinned under something heavy.

But today I also noticed that transiting Pluto has inched into my second house (the house of possessions, for those of you keeping track at home), and that furthermore it’s getting mighty close to opposing my natal Venus. And that really nailed it for me – the tremendous urge to jettison cargo, you know, to empty out the closets and get rid of old junk, to sell the house and rent for awhile, to go on a fast and dump a bunch of weight. I feel the need for a new relationship with stuff, and with the shape and structure of my days.

From experience, though, I realize that often, when you feel stuck, modest changes in routine can be almost as refreshing – and certainly a lot less traumatic! – than large ones. Paint a room, cut your hair, take a weekend trip – or even, as my mother once told me, “Just clean out one drawer, anything to get you moving.”

So tell me: What do you do to get out of a rut?

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  • I usually do something, which later, I wish I hadn’t done…lol!
    That’s an Aries Moon for ya. A trip to some really nice shops, credit card in hand, can help a lot (cross-refer to first sentence!)

  • Go to my shrink and whine about how I’m in a rut. That’s what I did today!

  • L.

    Frequently, I develop an insistent urge to find a new lover (whether I’m already attached or not). Only recently in my 30 years have I realized that this does not really fix my problem…I’m learning, albeit slowly! BTW, I empathize with your restlessness, as I’ve got Uranus and the eclipses doing the same thing to my fourth house. Got to figure out how to get unstuck without disrupting my love life this time…

  • Gee, when I’m in a rut, I usually get involved in a totally inappropriate relationship that violates my personal boundaries, but you’re probably looking for something a little saner. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If so, I suggest indulging in something fun that totally takes you out of your comfort zone. Nothing big. It could be something like reading a new column every day or a playing new game or visiting a graveyard (that’s so ME, geez) or anything simple. It might not on the surface be a big rut breaker, but it could lead to something bigger. All that aside, I’d definitely look into some feng shui for breaking up energy in the house, especially where there’s clutter. That always works for me when I feel stuck in general.

  • Great site April!

    I wanted to let you know I have 15Scorpio Rising and PLuto has been in my 2nd for some time now (and right on my moon right now) and Uranus has been venturing in the 4th. I’ve moved numerous times, and seem to have learned to travel light. I’m preparing another move, after being back in LA a year, to a new part of the city. I think the Pluto/2 will test out where your priorities lie and if you’re stuff (home, clothes etc) reflect the new you, and if they don’t it’s time to give in and give it up for a new shift again. With Pluto opp your Venus again there’s that theme (clear out the old values and make way for new ones). Heres to changes, however small!

  • Ruts– saturn, planets sneaking up on you–good to know other astrologers can be blindsided too–Pluto on MC is getting to ME lately. RUTS: When I hit one (I have Uranus conjunct Sun…) my husband and I would usually MOVE. When we were younger and rented we would just move to a new apartment, going from modern and spiffy to a third floor rental in an old Victorian house, then a house in the country– you name it we lived it.. I was always the instigator, as my husband does not GET these uranian urges. (He adapts well..) Now, I don’t get quite so many urges.. — and we OWN so we don’t move often.I take classes or a WHOLE NEW HOBBY that is demanding– like hiking and backpacking one year. Does any of this help? WIth YOUR planets–I’d move. Sell stuff–get rid of the furniture. CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE. Oh, yeah, I cut my hair radically one year too,quit my corp. job, threw out business suits and reinvented myself as a born again hippie. GOOD LUCK AND HUGS…

  • What do I do? Nothing that I should. No self love here with things get bad. And, things suck right now. Are you sure we are not in Mercury Retrograde. Sure feels like it. But, maybe it is my Uranus opposition starting to kick in. I know it starts, like now! And, w. all the other planets doing their thing. Sheesh! I just want to stay in bed FOREVER!

    MAybe I need one of reports to help me deciper these transits w. my natal chart.

    Hope your day is FAB!

  • You guys RULE.

    I’m feeling much more energized the past couple of days, actually. I wonder if it was just that late-degree Mars in Aquarius – I always forget Aquarius is a fixed (read: prone to getting stuck) sign. ‘Cuz I’ve certainly had an explosion of energy with Mars entering Pisces (and, coincidentally, squaring my Ascendant – pow!).

    Hang in there, Nancy; always darkest before the dawn, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We own our place too, Maddie, and after living like gypsies the first four years we were married we’ve really put down roots here. I do love our house, but at 81 years of age it’s a bit of a cranky old dame, and pretty demanding. Sigh. Maybe if I had Uranus just a *little* closer to the Sun (mine’s separated by 12 degrees) I would find it easier to create healthy change on a regular basis!

    Hi Neil! I love and miss L.A. I know it’s a dirty, nasty, crowded place, but it will always be home to me. Hope you land someplace lovely. And yes, I agree with your assessment completely; bringing externals in line with the internals does seem to be major 2nd house/Venus territory, doesn’t it?

    Maria and L – Heh. Yep, that’s the direction I’d have gone when I was young, single, and impulsive. I do like my husband a lot though – and with Uranus rising, he’s actually a bright spot whenever I feel bored, restless, and stuck; so I’ll keep him, I think. ๐Ÿ™‚ The feng shui idea is well taken, Maria; things are a bit dicey around here in that regard, since our garage is still not 100% back together and there is stuff stored on our patio. It’s making me nuts. But small feng shui improvements are definitely in order. The insides of my kitchen cabinets are looking fabulous these days!

    Jennife – Heh. Much cheaper to whine to my indulgent readers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ann, sweetie, don’t tempt me! There’s a Pier 1 clearance store near here that is my guilty pleasure when I crave retail therapy…

  • April– My old time roscicrucian astrology teacher, way back in the 70’s taught me that planets pack a big wopllop just as they are leaving a sign–those last degrees are always dramatic.I have found this to be SO TRUE– even if a planet is in a late degree and OUT OF ASPECT– like a late degree Cancerian planet moving out and into Leo–will ALWAYS set off sparks on all my EARLY degree Cancerian planets (Uranus,Mars,Sun)– it’s probably easing up now for you.. No idea the science behind this.. but JUST BEFORE a planet leaves a sign it has to have a LAST BIG HURRAH!

    your grand dame sounds awesome–I love old houses… so–WHAT are you going to change??

  • Oh, my. Do I know about ruts and trying to CHANGE! I am in my second Saturn Return and having onehelluvatime. A creative Leo with a Sagitarius Rising attempting not to drown in a very restrictive corporate world. I’m ready for a cave.

  • isthmus nekoi

    Hey April,

    I’m w/Maria, try something uncomfortable. I also have a fire moon and I think the idea of “comfort” can sometimes mean doing some risk taking. I think it’s good to do something totally left field and out of character. Something that upsets or disgusts. Something you’re not sure you can master. Nothing like the prospect of utter failure to peak one’s interest!

    A Jungian psychoanalyst once told me that you should spend time everyday (on your own) doing something that makes you feel ALIVE. I really believe this is true.

  • I meant to respond to this back when you posted it and have been too busy to think. Well, with Moon conjunct Uranus and Ascendant in Leo I suppose I don’t get in too many ruts! I’d have the opposite problem were it not for Saturn trine to that. When I do feel in a rut though, I am very very cranky. That energy has got to go somewhere. New clothes can be a good thing (well there’s Leo Ascendant-Moon)! If it’s a deeper rut, I use all my Virgo energy to ruminate and try to figure out what needs changing.

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