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Post-Eclipse Fatique Syndrome

Boy, last week was intense. Everywhere I turned, online and in Real Life, there were little minefields of anger/confrontation/hurt feelings/general stress meltdown dramas going on. My therapist friend confirms that things were pretty damn exciting in his office too. Nothing like an eclipse at 29 degrees of Virgo to make the whole world a little bit highly-strung and hysterical for a few days.

What with all the low-flying stress bombs whizzing around I thought it prudent to lay low for a few days and do battle with the multi-headed hydra that is my desk. No sooner had I managed to get one writing deadline off my back than two others came through the door. I worked like the devil for four straight days and I’m not exactly caught up yet, but I’m taking a damn intermission anyway.

In summary: Did I take any of my own good advice about mellowing out during this eclipse and cutting oneself and others some slack and blah blah blah? I did not. So I’m pretty wiped out, y’all, and I have only myself to blame. I’m calling it post-eclipse fatigue syndrome. How are you?

In other news: Lynn‘s got a really interesting post today about skepticism in which she poses a question that’s bothered me for the longest time:

There is no doubt that a certain amount of skepticism is a healthy thing and keeps us from falling into the Neptunian abyss of illusion and fantasy, but what is it that would prevent someone who doesn’t believe in astrology from being willing to explore it a little further?

1 comment to " Post-Eclipse Fatique Syndrome "

  • Lorrie

    Exhauted and a little stressed. The enegergy of this ecplipse brought to mind the intensity of the leo eclipse during the summer of (was it??) 1999 or 2000. Remeber THAT one? Was there an area of life not in complete change then, or now?

    By the way, my visit to Portland was great! and, my daughter is doing really well getting settled in at college.