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New Moon in Sagittarius: Walkabout

sag-nm-walkabout_250Just after the full moon, our cat Spike escaped the secure confines of our home and went walkabout. I soothed my anxiety by imagining him on a kind of exciting Spirit Quest, possibly involving medicinal-grade catnip.

When he returned 36 hours later, Spike seemed calm and fairly mellow, if ravenously hungry; but he paid the price for his adventure with a big bite on his butt and two rounds of antibiotics.

Sagittarius is a freedom-loving, papa-was-a-rolling-stone kind of sign anyway, and this New Moon chart features a trine between the Sun/Moon in Sagittarius and unpredictable Uranus in impulsive Aries. You may feel a strong urge to roam. In fact, you may feel that you have no choice but to run away from home—or your job, or your marriage. You need to open up your life in some way, or reinvent yourself, and you simply can’t manage it without a change of scenery. You feel you’ll go crazy if you don’t break free.

So you say the words that can’t be taken back, turn the key, lob the grenade, and some deep, savage, renegade impulse at the core of you screams “Yes!” at the top of its lungs. You’ve launched yourself out onto a path to freedom, and it’s scary, yes, but it’s also glorious. You have the feeling that you belong to yourself alone and answer to no one. You’ve burned your bridges, and taken a leap of faith toward a more authentic life.

It could be the best decision you’ve ever made. But with Uranus making an ongoing series of difficult aspects to Pluto, it’s also quite possible that you, like Spike, will return from your adventure with a big old bite on your butt.

That’s what haunts us when we contemplate dramatic change: the fear of making an awful, possibly irrevocable mistake. You wonder: Are you going on a Spirit Quest, or are you simply, wastefully throwing away a perfectly good job/relationship/happiness with both hands?

Interestingly, I don’t think we firebomb our lives, as a rule, because things are overwhelmingly, objectively awful. When that is the case, we usually don’t have the energy or confidence to make such a dramatic move. Rather, most people I’ve watched blow up their lives do so simply because they’re dissatisfied, for reasons they don’t quite understand. They feel unappreciated, unwanted, as though they’re not living the right life for them. They feel trapped, and invisible, and beholden to someone—maybe even a perfectly nice someone—in a way they can’t abide. After all, Spike has doting caretakers and a loving home; he didn’t escape because he was being mistreated, but because he sensed something more exciting just beyond the screen door.

We step out onto the precipice at this New Moon. Where you feel trapped, you will find yourself yearning to wriggle free. But you don’t have to firebomb your entire life and start over. For most of us, it will be enough to approach the ticking time bombs in our lives cautiously and disarm them with quiet disclosures to the right people and a step, however tentative, in another direction. Ask: Where can you be more truthful, to yourself and to others? What are the secrets and fears that are preventing you from living authentically?

The one thing you can’t do is ignore the untamed animal within you that demands adventure and freedom. If you tie it up too tightly, it will simply bide its time until one day, a door will be left open or a loose screen can be pried away just enough so that you are able to escape. If that time has come, and you are on the verge of throwing away something very important, just be absolutely certain that there is no other choice. Some words can’t be taken back. Some actions are irrevocable. There are things out there that can bite you—and some cats don’t make it back home.

© 2013 April Elliott Kent

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22 comments to " New Moon in Sagittarius: Walkabout "

  • Natori

    Great article, April. I’m dying to know whether Spikey did indeed find some medicinal grade catnip, and more in the realm of the knowable, how you found his bite in the butt! Did it take extensive investigation, or was it quite apparent soon after his return? So glad he came home.

    • Well, Natori, without being too graphic, suffice to say it was evident once he lifted his tail a bit. He didn’t seem to be feeling any pain, though, so maybe he found that catnip after all!

  • julie pittman


  • Pat

    Brilliant to read this,April, thank you so much, and as a Sagittarian I felt as if you really, really know exactly how I’m feeling at the moment!!! AND the cat in the pic is our Billy cat, so that was a bit weird too…. except that our Billy is far too lazy to wander anywhere LOL Anyway, thanks again for the article… good not to feel alone 🙂

    • LOl – Yeah, I thought Spike was too lazy/disinterested, too! Little brat. Best New Moon/wandering Sag wishes to both you and Billy. >^..^<

  • Steve

    I’m glad Spike made it back! It reminded me of a documentary done where 50 rural cats that are generally free to roam had cameras and GPS trackers attached: Lots of adventures!

    On the astrology, I have Uranus transiting my 9th for the Sag-like vibe that sounds similar to this new moon, and the results match what you say. Where a break for freedom was well-considered, things have worked out effortlessly well, but some other situations where I didn’t manage my best for whatever reason were pretty messy. As I see it, if you get the Uranus call for freedom, do it with the good grace of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius who, after all, would want the best possible outcome.

    • Most awesome idea for a documentary ever, Steve! How I wish we’d had the foresight to outfit Spike with a cat-cam. I’m dying to know what he got up to, but he’s keeping mum.

      I’ve got Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in the 9th house natally, so I really know all about the exhilaration of bomb-throwing and bridge-burning (note to NSA: I’m speaking metaphorically, here). And in the end, it’s nearly always worked out for the best. But almost always it’s come after a very protracted period of biding my time, champing at the bit, waiting for just the right moment to light the match. And then boom! – in a heartbeat, everything’s changed.

  • Susan

    This is how I am feeling right now, and biting my tongue. If I say what I want, things will never be the same. So, trying desperately to hold back. I have a Sagittarius Moon, so I know how that can affect my mouth at times. Things come out before I realize what I have just said. And my Moon has a Trine to Jupiter. Not helpful in some cases. And like Spike I have an overwhelming urge to wander. Feel like there is some other place we need to be.

  • Chris

    Thank you for this. It is EXACTLY how I feel at this very moment. It is probably why I keep breaking down in tears. the pressure is almost too much to bear….If only I could find my way the next step. Bless you April for your well timed and deeply profound words.

    • Very difficult, Chris. That ongoing Uranus/Pluto square makes the pressure especially intense, I think, for those who are trying to/contemplating making any significant changes. We feel such a dearth of options. Take a deep breath. Gather yourself together for a New Moon meditation; ask for the next step to show itself. Good luck to you!

  • sandra

    Wow, this is so true and I really have to watch my mouth right now. Virgo Sun, Moon in Aries, and Aquarius Rising. Just been feeling caged in.

  • karen

    you always blow my mind – how do you know this is exactly where i’m at in my life, and others share they are as well? fabulous!!!!

  • Claudia

    Spot on as always! Thanks so much for sharing your insightful and imaginative thoughts!

  • Marcy

    Perfect timing. This is exactly how I feel! I have my Moon, Mercury and Neptune in Sag.

    It took me two hours to get to work today (usually it’s one hour) and I’ve been under a lot of stress at work (worked 11 hours today and more to come this week). I threatened to quit and broke down in tears. I’m not normally like this. I’m usually a dutiful worker bee.

    However, recently I started feeling like life is too short and I’m not able to serve my clients and my boss in the way that they need to be served because of my horrible commute and my overwhelming amount of work. I completely understand Spike.

  • Mariah

    Wow – right on. I firebombed in my boss’s office yesterday. Have a meeting in about 45 minutes to talk about it – not sure what to expect. Life is too short for feeling trapped. I don’t know what is going to happen, though I do know that what came out of my mouth was the truth – the delivery was questionable. I understand Spike and hope that I am not going to be bit in the ass..although, it might be exactly what I need. Meow.

  • Michele

    Thank you April! You have such a gift for putting my vague emotional undercurrents in words. Once named, they are not as strong. And it is comforting to know that the stars are working behind the scenes to try and help me move forward.

  • susan

    Thank goodness I have kept my mouth shut so far…still biting that tongue though. LOL I did tell one other person about the problem just to get it off my chest. I am waiting out the person who I want to let go on, in hopes that things will eventually just go away and resolve themselves. But, it has put a strain on the relationship, and I don’t think things will be the same after this. Oh well, probably was time for that change anyway. LOL

  • fern feto spring

    April-this was awesome-so funny and perfect-love how you read the symbols of your life and share them with us so eloquently-thank you! And am so glad Spike made it in basically one piece (minus the bite that is..)

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