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Money, music, and women

All are ruled by Venus, which is turning retrograde on March 6. Retrogrades often seem to take things away from us, like a tide going out and carrying with it precious sand (and perhaps our beach umbrella). But sometimes when the retrograde tide goes out, we find unexpected treasures lying exposed on the shore.

As Venus has moved through her retrograde shadow period this past month, she’s already washed up numerous women from my past – some old classmates and friends (via that bastion of social networking, Facebook) and several former clients and students from the early days of my astrology practice. Most of these have been welcome reunions indeed. True, one led to a misadventure related to a missing check (Venus!) and an accidental stop-payment on its replacement. But I was nevertheless happy to hear from the client, and the money thing all got sorted out in the end.

Venus is moving through my 5th house, the house of creative endeavors, and I’ve been sorting through some relics from my days as a musician, listening to music I created so long ago that it’s like listening to an entirely different person. I took it so much for granted, the ability to create something beautiful from nothing more than six steel strings, a hunk of wood, and my vocal cords. I didn’t realize how much it did for me as a person – made me more centered and more open-hearted, I think – and how much I miss… not making music, exactly, but creating beauty.

What is Venus washing up on your shore?

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