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In which Pluto gets my attention.

I was standing in a dusty, enchanting used bookstore in Julian, California yesterday afternoon when the universe nearly hit me over the head with a subtle message regarding my future.

I was making a pilgrimage to meet with Steven Forrest, master of myth and mischief, in the remote and forbidding desert town of Borrego Springs. My mind was itchy with thoughts about my so-called career; which direction to take next, what kinds of worthy projects might occupy my time and thoughts. After having a quick lunch and procuring a couple of famous Julian pies as a treat for Steve, Jonny and I strolled across the road to investigate the local bookstore. It was a sleepy Monday afternoon and we had the place all to ourselves – four or five rooms of an old bungalow, filled with well-organized shelves. Moments after I entered the room marked “Metaphysics”, I heard a book-like thud from the next room. I peeked around the corner; no one was in the room. On a whim, I bent over to retrieve the fallen volume.

It wasn’t the rather lurid picture of a gun on the cover that caught my eye. Rather, it was the title: Solar Eclipse. As many Big Sky Astrology readers know, eclipses are one of my real astrological passions. In fact, I pitched the idea for a book about eclipses to my publisher before we ever talked about a wedding book – but they had Celeste Teal’s fine book in the queue, so we had moved on to other ideas. But a book about eclipses is one I’ve always felt most passionately that I’d like to write.

So I looked at the book, and I thought about why I was on the road to see The Great Man, and all the questions I’d been turning over in the my mind, all the things I wanted to ask him about, most of which boiled down to a single question: Should I write another book? And I thought about something I once learned, which is that moving in the direction of the North Node always gets you something that’s absolutely right for you, even if it’s not in precisely the form you’d expected.

Yesterday, Pluto was trine my natal North Node in the 9th house within one minute of orb, with Jupiter close behind. Fittingly, Pluto had picked me up and was carrying me toward one of my teachers, a suitably 9th house figure. The meeting was fabulous and magical, and the reading began (naturally) with my North Node. I came away with all the insights I didn’t even know I was looking for, and confirmation that the path ahead is one with heart.

But along the way, wise Pluto waylaid me in a tiny, remote mountain town and nearly dropped a book (9th house!) on my head – just to make sure the message was unmistakable, and to let me feel like the discovery was all mine.

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  • olga

    Love your spirit and wicked sense of humour. Don’t usually do this, but here goes – you mentioned following one’s North node always gets you something that’s absolutely right for you. For all us 3rd house Sagittarius North node people (born Dec. 26, 1955, 12:51 am Toronto, Ont. Canada)what would be the “essence?” Any insight appreciated. With thanks, OM

  • Hi, Olga, and thanks for your warm comments. Excuse me while I take a moment to bask in their glow… ahhh.

    Messages for the third house person might appear from the cosmos through random car bumper stickers, birds, a scrap of paper blown at your feet by an impish wind, a bit of graffiti, a fortune cookie. You needn’t travel hours over sea or winding roads to find them; the third house is “close at hand” territory! Your neighbors, siblings, small local wildlife, and local merchants tend to be your oracles.

    You’ll be so pleased to hear that Steven Forrest is writing a book about the lunar nodes, which presumably will be from an evolutionary/karmic perspective! Here’s a third-house concept he shared with me the other day, which he says he got from Rob Hand (so you know it’s gotta be good). One ancient third house concept which has largely been lost to our modern culture is the concept that, since the third house stands in opposition to the prevailing religion and beliefs of one’s culture (ninth house), it’s the house of heresy. The job of the third house Node person, then, is to be a good heretic, an impish court jester questioning religious doctrine and cultural norms. Since Sagittarius rules over the same territory as the ninth house, your strategy is to accomplish this from inside the very same structures that you oppose; so you would, for instance, be like the good Roman Catholic who (loudly, Sag-like!) introduces a well-formed point of view that contradicts the rules and regulations of the church. You’d be one of those people who loves your church, but annoy the zealots of your congregation by refusing to fall into lockstep with every point of its doctrine, and engaging in actual dialog with non-believers. So go ye forth and rouse the rabble! 🙂

  • olga

    Thank-you and how very interesting. Respectfully, religion is just not part of my life – no hot buttons there. I’ve actually lived what you’ve described in my work life and now find myself trying to figure out where in the world I belong. What you offer rings true. Funny though, it feels to me that from the moment I was born into this odd world, that I’ve been asking and asking, why am I here exactly? Would that be a typical 3rd house north node Sag question? Thanks so much for taking the time to connect with me – I appreciate it.

  • Hi Olga – Replace the word “religion” with “orthodoxy” and you have the crux of what I mean: religion is just one area of life in which people become attached to a particular belief system. As you’ve noted, work is another; definitely a stage on which the issues I mentioned can play out.

    Certainly “why am I here?” is a question that greets us in the 9th house, through Sagittarius or Jupiter. My 9th house North Node – similar to your Sag North Node! – begins and ends every day with that question! I think Sag/9th house North Node people are here to ask “Why am I here?” – if that makes sense! We look for meaning everywhere, and connections between seemingly unrelated things. I guess that’s why we like astrology!

  • A wonderful Plutonian door knock! I had a similar experience, while browsing in CHANGING HANDS ,our local independent and wonderful bookstore, the book “THE RECONNECTION” by Dr. Eric Pearl literally fell at my feet.I bought it.Turns out it was for my husband who is a chiropractor and had just heard about Dr. Pearl’s work (I was unfamiliar and not especially interested at the time!) my hubby was interested in pursuing spiritual healing and the Reconnection therapy–

    Am listening deeply to your phrase about GOING IN THE DIRECTION OF THE NORTH NODE.. a very potent sentence..enough info to keep me busy all day..

    I’m in pensive astrological mood–trying, as you are, to piece together a gorgeous QUILT out of all the muti color scraps of my personality and talents!

    I am a prof. astrologer in need of some spiritual juice, so I’m signing up for S. Forrest and Moses Sinegar retreat in Sedona in Feb. Consider it?? I could use a roomate!

  • Steven Forrest is Teh Man! Did you have to wait, like, five years for an appointment? Did he charge a million dollars? I would SO love to see him. And incidentally, John Farris is an amazing writer. You and Celeste are different in style and approach. I’m sure there’s plenty of room for a Kent Eclipse book along with hers, just as legendary John Farris sits along with his contemporaries like Lincoln Child and Thomas Harris.

    Here is the website my friend and award-winning writer Dave Schow created for him:

    This is all quite auspicious indeed!

  • Madeline, I enjoyed your story! Who knew there was an epidemic of literature falling out of the sky in such oracular fashion. I won’t be attending the Forrest/Siregar workshop, unfortunately, but you’ll be in good hands. Steve is the Hardest Working Man in Astrology, and Moses is the most formidable networker of his generation of astrologers. If anyone can help you juice up your practice, it’s these two! Good luck finding a roommate and be sure to report back on your experience.

    Maria, The Forrest does indeed have a daunting waiting list, something like two years (!). I lucked out: He and Jodie are spending the autumn in Borrego Springs and put a notice on their site inviting in-person consultations, so I got one of those slots. It was a bit pricey – $275 – but it was a 2.5 hour reading! A superb value and a great experience. The good news is, it looks like Los Forrest will be spending a lot more time on the West coast beginning late next year. You should drop Steve a line and let him know you’re interested in getting in line for a consult.

    Thanks for the link to your friend’s site; I’ve only had time for a cursory glance but it whet my interest. This Farris sounds like an extremely interesting critter…

  • Kate

    Interesting stuff! My friend is having an Astrocartography reading with Moses Siregar very soon. Also, my N.Node is in Aries in the 9th. Most people (women people) can say that they “lose” themselves in relationships (but S.Node in the 3rd) would not be kidding about that. The only time that I have ever been happy in my whole life – is when I was traveleing or living far far away from home. I live home now and cannot seem to get away. It’s a slow death of the North Node. (not being able satiate what it needs so very much)

  • Hi Kate! Moses knows his locational stuff, for sure – your friend is in good hands.

    Your situation sounds frustrating! Until you can travel again, be sure to keep reaching for the 9th house world that’s readily at hand – through books, meditation, any new experiences. Even a new restaurant can “take you away” and get you into that new 9th house mindset. Aries relishes a challenge; maybe you’d enjoy a martial arts class? Good luck to you, my fellow 9th house North Node traveler, and thanks for dropping in.

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