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Impending celebration

Join me for a Virtual Book Launch Party
to celebrate the release of my book
“Star Guide to Weddings!”

On Friday, February 1, between 10:15 am and 12:15 pm PST (that’s 1:15 pm – 3:15 pm EST) drop by for a slice of virtual cake (breakfast of champions) and leave your festive comments on the Virtual Book Party entry that I’ll post that morning. The first five folks to leave comments on that entry (comments will be moderated, ‘cuz I ain’t giving books to people who insult me) will win a free copy of le book, signed by moi and everything. Très bon, oui?

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As you may have gathered from my relentless allusions to the same, my book Star Guide to Weddings is coming out on Friday. It’s been a long, weird road to reach this point (I submitted the initial proposal in August 2006), and it’s a bit unreal to finally be so close to publishing my first book.

Especially this book. I never planned to write a book at all, but if I had, I’d probably have aimed for a Serious Astrology Book with graphs and charts and a foot-long bibliography and all that. But somehow, I ended up writing this sweet little cupcake of a book instead. As my friend Pete (who is putting the finishing touches on his Serious Astrology Book about the Beatles, which based on what I’ve seen is going to kick major ass) commented, “How can a book possibly look like a cupcake? I am intrigued and slightly concerned.”

But it is just that… a confection. It’s cute and sort of small and sweet; Steven Forrest characterized it as “a gentle book,” and then we both laughed at the disparity between the writer in my chart (blunt, feisty, and a little caustic) and the one that shows up in the pages of this kindly little book.

The title notwithstanding, I actually wrote it for everyone who is, has been, or wants to be married. I think it will appeal to folks who have been married for thirty years as much as to newlyweds or couples planning their wedding. It may even appeal to me, when I get the chance to sit and read it without stressing about finding the goofs and gaffs.

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Interested in reviewing the book for print or online
publication, and/or interviewing fascinating moi?
Drop a line and I’ll hook you up.

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