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Episode 43 | Podathon Day 2: Into the Void (-of-Course Moon)!


043 | Podathon Day 2: Into the Void (-of-Course Moon)!

It’s Day Two of the first annual Big Sky Astrology PODATHON! More Moontalk in this episode, with a look at our dialogue with the world while the Moon is in Gemini, plus a recap of void-of-course periods!

This week, April & Jen bring you five daily mini-episodes in a Podathon extravaganza! How better to celebrate our childhood memories of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon? JOIN US for up-close-and-personal looks at each day’s aspects! THRILL to our special Podathon theme! And best of all, HEAR ABOUT all the treats and opportunities coming your way as a donor to the podcast!

Everyone who pledges $5 or more during our fundraising week will receive invitations to four special episodes we’ll be producing at the equinoxes and solstices. And everyone who pledges $25 or more will be entered in our drawing to win great prizes that can be enjoyed by listeners around the world, including readings with April and reports from her store!

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Episode links for Tuesday 9/8:

2:25 – Our discussions of our love for pie goes all the way back to Episode 1, Stars Over Thanksgiving! The Repair Shop has been mentioned a few times, most notably on Episode 7, Saturn & Pluto Go to The Repair Shop! The original Bob Ross mention was in Episode 8, Saturn and Pluto Need a Party.

5:55 – The Moon in Taurus ends on a modestly high note as it makes its final aspect, a trine to Saturn. What’s the significance of the Moon’s last aspect in its sign?

8:02 – There’s a long void-of-course Moon period today. For an extensive discussion of the void-of-course Moon: Episode 23, Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (Of Course!) Moon. You can find out if the Moon is void-of-course on a given day by going to and looking for Today’s Moon in the right-hand sidebar!

9:15 – The Moon enters Gemini (2:28 pm PDT) and approaches a final sextile aspect to Mars on the 10th. “When the Moon is in Gemini, the world is speaking to us… and our job is to listen.” – April

10:25 – The Moon in air signs can be misunderstood! It’s not unfeeling, just sensitive to communication in these signs.

11:30 – How to appeal to the world when the Moon is in Gemini!

12:30 – The Moon sextiles Venus in Leo (8:41 pm PDT), great for socializing and enjoying entertainment and conversations with good friends.

14:25 – Will Jen sneak in the Moonwatch theme? (*Spoiler alert* She sneaks it in!)



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