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Episode 23 | Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (of Course!) Moon


023 | Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (Of Course!) Moon

Mercury reclaims the spotlight this week, as April and Jen herald his entrance into the laconic Taurus. The Sabian symbols for the Leo First Quarter Moon evoke fun, play, and optimism, and Venus begins her long, confusing dance with Neptune. And, just because we like you: a mini-lesson on the void-of-course Moon! Plus: hablamos español (más o menos); tree swings we’ve known and loved; and gettin’ toey.

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00:47 – Join April & Jen for a little TV talk, brought to you this time by imaginary sponsors Netflix AND Hulu. Because… ¿Por qué no?

03:55 – Speedy Mercury in Aries gives way to the more sedate, measured pace of Taurus (April 27). Chance would be a fine thing, if people were to think a bit more before speaking. You might hear more money talk, too.

06:41 – Venus rules Taurus, and as we know from last week (Episode 22, Taurus New Moon & Venus Gone Wild), she is out-of-bounds and totally unsupervised!

08:42 – Mercury makes an opportunity aspect to the North Node in Cancer (April 27); let’s review how well we’ve learned to take care of one another over the past 18 months.

11:23 – Mercury squares Saturn (April 28). Time to intellectually incorporate what we learned last week. What is the story we’ll tell about this time?

13:03 – Want to see the things that trouble you in a whole new light? Want to change the stories you tell yourself? Try the book Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life. (BTW, April and Jen don’t make any $ from sales or clicks on this book… Mercury in Taurus would want to know that! 😉)

13:45 – Eureka! Mercury aligns with Uranus (April 30) at 6°52’ Taurus, and great insights are possible. Uranus is seen as the “higher octave” of Mercury. (See Episode 8, Saturn and Uranus Need a Party).

15:03 – ** Moonwatch**! The First Quarter Moon at 10°57’ Leo (April 30) encourages play! The Sabian symbol for the Moon is, “Children in a swing on a huge oak tree.” The Sun at 11° Taurus is, “A woman sprinkling flowers.” These are optimistic symbols that speak of enjoying the natural world and having some fun. (You remember fun, right?)

18:45 – Reminisce with April and Jen: Did you have a tree swing as a kid? Did you climb big trees?

20:03 – It’s here! Venus makes the first of three squares to Neptune (May 3). Has it been hard to know what to believe? Are you feeling toe-y? Interested in knowing even more? Revisit Episode 21, Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable: Signs a la Mod-alities and Episode 22, Taurus New Moon & Venus Gone Wild. (The other two squares are on May 20 and July 27.)

21:16 – The Sabian symbol for Venus at 21 Gemini is, “A labor demonstration.” And Neptune’s is, “A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant.” Are you seeing relationships clearly? Are they equitable?

26:54 – A mini-lesson on the Moon’s day-to-day journey and the void-of-course (VOC) Moon. First stop: What’s up with the Moon today? When you woke up this morning, did you trip over dog toys, or was the coffee pot already set? (To hear more about day-to-day life and 6th house things, visit Episode 10, Neptune and the Zen of Groundhog Day.)

29:44 – Introducing… the VOC Moon! Examples included, at no extra charge!

34:25 – If you’d like to know the monthly VOC Moon times each month, sign up for April’s newsletter, and you’ll get a “Working with the Moon” e-book each month, absolutely free! (We only charge for extra guac here at the BSA Podcast! 😃)

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  • I’ve been listening to the Big Sky podcast since the beginning and look forward to each new episode. With just the right blend of humor, warmth and astrological insight, it’s always a pleasure. Thank you for doing what you do, and for making this podcast available for us all to enjoy!


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