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Episode 44 | Podathon Day 3: A Mars Retrograde Hump Day!


044 | Podathon Day 3: A Mars Retrograde Hump Day!

It’s Day Three of the first annual Big Sky Astrology PODATHON! In today’s breaking planetary news: the Sun cashes in as it trines Jupiter, Mars in Aries stations retrograde (through Nov. 13) – and what’s behind door number three?

This week, April & Jen bring you five daily mini-episodes in a Podathon extravaganza! How better to celebrate our childhood memories of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon? JOIN US for up-close-and-personal looks at each day’s aspects! THRILL to our special Podathon theme! And best of all, HEAR ABOUT all the treats and opportunities coming your way as a donor to the podcast!

Everyone who pledges $5 or more during our fundraising week will receive invitations to four special episodes we’ll be producing at the equinoxes and solstices. And everyone who pledges $25 or more will be entered in our drawing to win great prizes that can be enjoyed by listeners around the world, including readings with April and reports from her store!

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Episode links for Wednesday 9/9:

Guess what day it is? And… one hump or two? Today’s Moon in Gemini always favors two of anything, but in fact a dromedary has one hump and a Bactrian camel has two! You’ll find our previous scintillating discussion of this distinction, and a camel-related Sabian symbol, in Episode 38, Taurus Last Quarter Moon – but wait, there’s S’more!

4:25 – Kids watched lots of game shows in the 1970s because there were maybe three TV channels, no cable or VCRs, and Let’s Make a Deal filled the gap between cartoons! One of the more intriguing questions for the gameshow viewer: What is behind that curtain where Carol Merrill is standing?

5:55 – Been missing the Moonwatch theme?

6:24 – Today’s Moon in Gemini is (unofficially named by April and Jen) the camel Moon!

7:27 – Feeling particularly lucky? Got an insatiable urge to shop for back-to-school supplies? Feeling the wind at your back? Could be the Sun’s trine to Jupiter today! Be yourself, and make your own luck.

10:26 – The Mars retrograde we’re about to tell you about is true. Retrograde Mars revisits recent squares to Saturn (Sep. 29), Pluto (Oct. 9), and Jupiter (Oct. 18). These big planets are training our Mars selves to be patient, sheath our claws, and be better kittens.

14:40 – On a hopeful note, Jen reminds us that Mars retrogrades only every two years, vs. practically half the year for Saturn-Pluto.

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