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Disappearing Act

Man… parade a gazillion planets through a girl’s twelfth house and she just disappears from sight, huh? Next time you’re confronted with a chart that has a metric ton of planets in the twelfth house, here’s a delineation to try out: “You just want to be left alone to enjoy your rich inner life.” If those planets are in Scorpio, you can feel free to add something like, “And you get pretty grouchy when people keep poking at you.” Watch your client’s eyes light up with amazement and validation!

Lots of work around here on a certain top secret project; more info after the first of the year. Also, much jubilation over the outcome of the recent election. It feels like a large boulder has been rolled off and the blood is slowly oozing back into my veins. Please, folks, let’s fix this voting system, revive and defend habeus corpus, repudiate torture, and administer triage to our struggling and beleaguered military.

Mercury retrograde has been a cakewalk. I had to reinstall one application on my computer, and my laptop is doing something weird, but otherwise I can’t complain. My pet theory is that Mercury retrograde is far more troublesome when Mercury is in a sign that it rules. I have nothing to back me up on this, mind you; it’s just something I’ve noticed.

Well, that’s it for now – back to the Bat Cave. I’ll scrounge something together for Thursday Thirteen, and maybe a little something for the New Moon, since I’m not writing an article this time (I’m switching back to Full Moons). Until then, hugs and kisses.

3 comments to " Disappearing Act "

  • All this scorpio has been in my 6th house. ANd, honestly, I have not been able to pay much attention to it all. But I wonder about this retrograde and my FIL’s death. It will become clearer later.

    OHHHHH! Secret projects?!?! Can’t wait to hear what it is. I am so curious!

  • Lynn

    Hi April – I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your chart interpretation in TMA this month, particularly in comparison to the other interpretation. You really nailed the psychology and it was good to see you at work!

  • Thanks so much, Lynn! That was a difficult piece to write – a lot of information to squeeze into a relatively small space, and it’s intimidating to show your process to your peers. 🙂 So, the warm feedback is much appreciated.

    Nancy, all the caretaking, stress, and compromises (such as not murdering your SIL 😉 of your FIL’s illness and death certainly sounds like a Scorpio/6th house experience to me! Thanks for your enthusiasm for my “secret project” – I can’t wait to tell you all about it!