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Cancer New Moon: True North

I remember thinking, good god, now we’re all that’s left. Our mothers left us their compass, hidden deep in our fourth houses like buried treasure; but we’ll have to learn to read it ourselves if we’re to bring this ship safely into harbor. 

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Gemini New Moon: On the Road to Mastery

We may think we’re only practicing doing a job, folding laundry, or creating social media posts. But there are no wasted moments as we make our way along the path toward spiritual mastery. We can practice doing it well, or we can practice being bad at it.

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Aries New Moon: The Law of Diminishing Returns

ver coffee, I asked Jonny his plans for the day. He detailed a quest for some particular hot peppers he needed for a new chili powder recipe, followed by warfare with the gophers that have taken over our back yard. Hot peppers and war? I’m just writing about Aries today; …

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