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Bloggin’ the eclipse

Everybody bloggin’ the eclipse! Fresh off the wire this morning (it pays to wake up early):

Robin at Urania’s 9th House has posted a really fascinating take on the eclipse and domestic political issues. Don’t miss it.

And Neil has a nice take on the Virgo theme of simplicity (beautifully illustrated with some perfect photos, I might add):

Work should never be work. It should be a reflection of your soul’s reason for being. It should be a service you provide not only to yourself through satisfaction, but outwardly to others as a service to them. Most people are out of synch with their inner jobs, instead leading the life of someone else.

And I’m hoping for a special eclipse installment in Michele‘s epic saga of her very Virgo remodel…

Edited to add: Lynn deftly untangles the New Moon/last degree Virgo/Autumnal Equinox symbolism. And Jeff got the head start on us all with this lovely meditation.

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