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Death of a President

Kathryn has posted her thoughts about the upcoming exact Jupiter/Saturn square and its implications in the “Presidential Death Cycle.”

Planetary alignments currently indicate an increased likelihood of the death or assassination of a World Leader and as these indications coincide with the ‘Presidential Death Cycle’ and his chart is highly volatile in coming months, George W. Bush comes high on the list. (I have noted elsewhere in my posts that some of the cycles currently active correlate to the Royal family and a leader capitulating).

And it’s kind of interesting to note that the (fictional) death of George W. Bush is all over the news this weekend, thanks to the film Death of a President which is due in U.S. theaters soon after a warm reception at the Toronto Film Festival.

Hmmm. Wonder if the film is acting as a kind of pressure relief valve for this building Jupiter/Saturn energy.  Jeff… any thoughts?

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