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Pluto: Go Deeper

“Transcendence” is a word astrologers commonly use to talk about Pluto’s transits and aspects to other planets in the birth chart. But before we can hope to transcend a situation, we must first commit to being full engaged in it. When Pluto is involved, this commitment carries some risk.

A neighbor shared the story of being unexpectedly confronted by an unfriendly dog that promptly took his entire hand into its mouth. Most people’s instinct would be to pull the hand away, and in doing so probably shred the flesh against the dog’s teeth. But my neighbor’s instinctive reaction proved much wiser: he pushed his hand further down into the dog’s throat. The dog gagged and opened its mouth, allowing my neighbor to pull his hand out, uninjured.

During Pluto transits, or when you’re grappling with some tough aspects from Pluto to planets in your birth chart, the best response may be similar to my neighbor’s approach with the dog: when you’re feeling trapped in the jaws of life, don’t pull away – go deeper. Going deeper into the experience, letting yourself feel everything there is to feel, is the first step to getting past it. Be fearless, decisive, and committed in dealing with Pluto situations; half measures, designed to protect you, will only get you hurt.

7 comments to " Pluto: Go Deeper "

  • Morvah

    Absolutely right, as I discovered during a recent 2 year transit of Pluto square my natal Sun. It’s not easy though when all your instincts are screaming ‘fight’! Once again, thank heaven for astrology and the good guidance of great teachers..

  • Transiting Pluto is making me hemorrhage money for various things — mostly pets, car and condo. Maybe I should surrender and just pour more money into these things than I normally would instead of cheaping out? Hmmmm…

    • Transiting my natal Venus by trine, that is.

      • david

        @Maria – I thought with a transit like that, cheque books would be given to you, and bank accounts opened in your name.

        Could be about rumpy-pumpy though. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more.

        I suspect its a little of both.

        • :: Virgo planets blushing; Gemini Moon enjoying the wit! ;D ::

          • david

            ::Virgo planets blushing – thats strange, as I have virgo planets. Mind you it is a moon pluto mc conjunction. Perhaps having pluto in virgo gives low life inclinations – b-side – wit.

  • Jessica

    I have had transiting Pluto in my second house since it was in mid Sag. Yes, my previous income stream has already ended and I a searching for what next. And, now transiting Pluto is conjuncting my Capricorn moon and is opposite my Cancer Venus in the eighth. Any helpful suggestions as to how to navigate this would be most appreciated. Go deeper?? I already have appts set up with a counselor. 🙂 thanks, and blessings to all. J

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