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Aquarius New Moon: Year of the Full Metal Rabbit

full metal rabbitHail the Aquarius New Moon (Feb. 2, 6:31 pm PST) and the Chinese Year of the Rabbit! I confess that I know next to nothing about Chinese astrology, but over the years I’ve been baffled by descriptions of the alleged gentleness and delicacy of those born in Rabbit years. Since I’ve known – and in one case married – Rabbit year people who are temperamentally robust, even formidable, these characterizations confused me.

Mind you, however, my dearest Rabbits were born in 1951, which, like 2011, was a Metal Rabbit year. And according to astrologer Suzanne White, that might account for the scrappiness of my favorite bunnies:

Metal confers a steely strength of purpose and more courage than we normally see in Rabbit behavior. He’s no world-beater in the confrontation department but, unlike some less feisty Rabbits who flee, he can hold his ground if and when he meets with an obstacle. Due to this ability to defend his point of view, he is more optimistic than other Rabbits. He may even be a tad aggressive….

This is no year to turn tail and flee. This is a Full Metal Bunny year – so draw your swords!

New Moon conjunct Mars: Getting things done.

Appropriately, the chart for this New Moon, which ushers in a Metal year in Chinese astrology, boasts the Sun and Moon in a close conjunction with Mars – which in western astrology symbolizes metal, knives, and warfare. Is it any wonder all hell has broken loose in Tunisia and Egypt, and that every other person you run into lately is cranky?

But under the surface, constructive possibilities are afoot. Because of its reputation as a change agent and provocateur, it’s easy to overlook Aquarius’ organizational and managerial abilities. But it is, after all, a “fixed” sign, and is a lot more stable than it’s given credit for. With the Sun, Moon, and energetic Mars close together, we have the will, intuition, and energy to do what needs to be done – while the Aquarius influence, and especially the trines to Saturn, lend a note of pragmatism. Understanding our limitations, and that everything can’t be done all at once, is as important as strength and determination. 

Venus square Uranus

In the chart for the New Moon, Venus (28.42 Sagittarius) is square Uranus (28.05 Pisces). In the past week or so, relationships that were teetering on the edge of collapse –  in which one person wants more freedom than the other; in which there is no shared vision of the future – have been shattering right and left.

It’s doubtful whether most of these broken alliances will later be mended. Once Venus flips into Capricorn  (February 3) and approaches the conjunction with Pluto (Pluto (February 9) and square to Saturn (Feb. 18), the splintery fragments of these unions will likely be burned to a crisp and buried in an unmarked grave. If they are revived, it will be in a form so different as to be virtually unrecognizable – whether that’s a good thing or a freaky, zombie, Pet Sematary thing, depends entirely on the people involved.

Venus is also the money planet, and unanticipated (or slightly shocking) expenses – especially related to romantic breakups, machines, and electronic gizmos – are likely.  (Personally, I just wrote a huge check to my new website designer; I’ve been anticipating it for months, but the sheer number of zeros freaked me out a little bit.) 

Jupiter square Pluto

Jupiter is feeling its oats in Aries. Between the Sun’s approaching conjunction with Mars, and Jupiter in Mars-ruled Aries, hasn’t it been difficult to curb your temper and bite back sharp words in the past week or so? “Impatience” is the watchword of this combination, and it’s tempting to gallop off in a hundred directions at once without watching what (or who) your hooves may be trampling.

Add to the mix Jupiter’s approaching square to Pluto (which rules large masses of people), and Uranus ready to move in Aries next month, and you begin to see massive uprisings like those in Tunisia and Egypt, with profound implications for their citizens, the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

Jupiter and Pluto is also a combination that symbolizes dramatic reversals of fortune. Jupiter is an expansive, even inflationary symbol, and Pluto is the god of wealth, with dominion over the 8th house (other people’s money and shared resources, including banks, insurance companies, inheritance). Jupiter and Pluto in aspect can create staggering fortunes and can take them away just as quickly (especially with Jupiter opposing Saturn later this year). Moral of the story: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, a penny saved is a penny earned, don’t count your chickens before they’re…. well, you get the idea.

Whether you’re celebrating the New Moon, Chinese New Year, Imbolc, or Groundhog Day – pick up your steel and move forward with boldness and courage into whatever the month (and year) ahead may bring!

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  • Sabina

    So glad you found that Python clip, April – it was the first thing I thought of while reading some soft and fuzzy Year of the Rabbit post recently. Thanks!

  • Haha – love Monty Python. I’m definately feeling the Mars-Saturn vibe and wanting to just get things done. Patience is not always my strong point though so I am doing some serious monitoring of my temper gauge!

  • Pamela Archambault

    Hi April:
    I had a good laugh with a friend of mine last night watching the Monty Python Bunny scene. Too Funny! Always enjoy your post’s, don’t stop.
    Cheers, Pamela.

  • Glad you liked it, guys. Monty Python never gets old! Someone as feisty as I am could never live with a gentle bunny, so I’m grateful for my Metal Rabbit husband. Happy New Moon and Rabbit year, all!

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