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Venus in Leo? Can’t complain.

Venus entered Leo on Saturday – opposing my natal Jupiter and trine my Ascendant – and immediately got to work making my life more pleasant. My neighbor presented me with a completely unnecessary and utterly breathtaking bouquet of flowers – a thank you gift for spending time with his parrot last week while he was out of town. Hey, my pleasure! Two of my best friends extended last week’s Aprilpalooza by taking me out on Sunday for a belated birthday lunch. Gracias, amigos! My sister sent a marvelous addition to my menagerie of mouse figurines (I’m not really much of a geegaw person, but after mom died, my sister and I split her collection, which we’d spent years building for her. She loved mice, you see. So now, each year sis and I take turns adding to each other’s collections for our respective birthdays. All together now: Awwwww.). My sister-in-law made me a kick-ass, hand-crafted birthday card featuring her (and my brother’s) cats – see amusing photo, featuring, from left: Lopes, Kinks (named for Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman; tangentially, have you noticed what a fun word “gubernatorial” is?), Girl-Girl, and Flip. And my completely over-the-top cousin – also a Leo, and dripping with generosity and a propensity for large gestures – bought me the painting that graces my website artwork: Claudia’s “She Loved the Moon.”

Dudes, Venus totally has a crush on me.

Venus conjunct my natal Mercury hasn’t been performing to expectations this week, though; now it’s squaring my Neptune for a couple of days and, accordingly, any creative efforts are feeling like rather hard work. Toward week’s end, though, I get a Venus sextile to my Moon and conjunction to my Sun in rapid succession. One hopes for merriment, mirth, and karmic brownie points, but will settle for chocolate.
Lopes, Kinks, Girl, and Flip

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