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Mercury in Leo: What do *you* think of me?

Mercury entered Leo last night, so I’m getting ready to have a Mercury return. I’m a little bit void-of-course at the moment, though, and not exactly sparkling with Mercurial wit. I just turned in a proposal that I’ve been worrying over like a sore tooth for a couple of months, and without that project to avoid I’ve kind of lost my focus. You know how it is; you’ve got something to do, and it’s hard, and suddenly absolutely everything seems more appealing to you than working on it. On the plus side, I’ve filed two years worth of old emails, and my toilets have never been so clean. I hope the proposal is accepted: I really need to tackle my closets.

Mercury is in Leo for just a couple of weeks, until the 27th. That’s more than enough time for Mercury to spend in a blowhard sign like Leo – and I say that as one who was born with this placement. Oh yes, it’s creative, marvelous, inspiring, all of that. But the combination of Solar (Leo) and Mercurial energies seems designed to thwart objectivity and humility at every turn. As the old jokes goes, “But enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do *you* think of me?”

I’ve always imagined the Sun/Mercury combination as being a little like a King and his court jester. The court jester seems to have played the role of informal advisor, one of the few people who could get away with telling the King certain unpleasant truths – although I imagine that if he wanted to keep his job he was smart enough to deliver hard truths in an amusing away, allowing the King to maintain his pride. Anyway, my theory is that the further away in your chart Mercury is from the Sun, the more independent your personal court jester – able to give the “King” (your ego) unwelcome information. But the closer Mercury is to the Sun, he becomes a bit like a “yes” man, telling the King only what he wants to hear. When Mercury is in Leo then, the sign of the King, we have on our hands a court jester who seems to have completely bought the party line and falls all over himself to tell the King how faaaaabulous he is.

Mind you, I have nothing to back me up on this pet theory. For instance, Condoleezza Rice has a distance of 19 degrees between Mercury and the Sun, and a more ferociously accommodating suck-up and apologist for her boss cannot be imagined. (Of course, she does have a pretty tight Mercury/Neptune conjunction, which would seem to explain so much….)

Well, comments are open, folks. Let’s celebrate Mercury in Leo by talking about you. Talk about your own Sun and Mercury – how is your relationship with your own court jester?

4 comments to " Mercury in Leo: What do *you* think of me? "

  • My Mercury is dignified in Gemini conjuncting my Sun. So I think the emphasis is really on court jesting and almost not ruling at all. My Sun laughs along with my Mercury, which always has some witty comment or thought for entertainment (unless Im going through a Pluto opposition, like I have been in the past 4 years. In that case, Im very somber and quiet and witty jokes seem to cower in the corner of the dungeon. But its almost over…) As for false information to my Sun sign, I think Mercury is pretty objective here, so the Sun is victim to Geminis fragmented info. I cant lie to tohers, or myself… only not tell the whole truth? Who needs to know it all anyway, when you can be happy with what you got in the moment? 😉

  • Michelle

    Provocative question to reflect on….I have my Sun in Aries and Mercury in Aries 8 degrees away – so pretty close by. I also have Neptune in my 3rd House. So my take on my perspective – historically that is — is either I have viewed my surroundings in a blur (and not because of drugs or alcohol!) and skip over the details (Mercury in Aries tends to do that anyway), leading to occurances of denial, forgetfulness, foggy recollection, etc; or, I zero in on the essence of a situation in a nanosecond dead-on – usually intuitively. I’d say that my Sun’s relationship with its court jestor Mercury has been problematic particularly with the issue of anger. I have a lot of water in my chart as well — Mars in Pisces for one instance — so being clear about why I’m angry and acting on it appropriately — or at all — has been a challenge. When I feel angry (miffed, pissed, frustrated, etc.), I usually always feel fully justified for my Mercury court jestor merely adds more fuel to fire instead of any much needed objectivity. Result: Mountains out of molehills, over reaction (Moon in Cancer a part of this too), unnecessary drama, or excessive bouts of pouting. What has been a saving grace, however, is the placement: both Sun and Mercury are in the 7th House. So there seems to be an underlying desire for fairness and diplomacy which does seem to stop me short of complete embarressment and madness, and to help me zip my lip! Studying astrology has helped me to understand this process and to become much better at counting to ten, sleeping on it, giving it 24 hours, or otherwise just letting it blow over for it will either be forgotten by tomorrow or at least handled more rationally!!!

    Side note — I really enjoy your website and reflections — here and on Moon Circles. I have gained much insight from your views and have often wanted to respond. So I’m glad I finally did.

  • April

    Hi Michelle, and many thanks for your rich, insightful comments (and for your kind words about my articles!). What a combination, that Aries Sun/Mercury with Cancer Moon; I like your description of its shoot-from-the-hip emotionalism. I suspect that for me, too, the restraining hand of the 7th house (my Moon is there) has saved me from sticking my Mercury-opposed-Jupiter foot in my mouth even more than I otherwise might. I have Mercury about as far from the Sun as you do – ten degrees – and I seem to experience it as a weird mix of subjectivity and … I don’t want to say objectivity, but a certain reflexive quality, at least. At least, I’m usually objective enough to know when I’m being subjective!

    Yikes, Alexander. Sorry about that Pluto transit; the best that can be said about those is that it feels soooo good when they’re over. Until then, keep coaxing that wit out of the dungeon… a court without its jester is a dull place indeed!

  • gloria

    Mercury is the sign of communication, intimacy and imagination: verbal, physical, non-verbal and ect. Leo is the sign of feminine, sexiness, and self-expression. That is what you get. Mercury gives you a strong sense to bear the traits that shows up in the leo; feminine. These are the Leo traits of feminine: The leopard, lioness or lion, pussy cat, queen, king, fenimine woman or masculine man with manly feminine
    or sexiness; elegance, actor or actress. Instead of being shy when people see you feminine or sexy, the mercury side, is intellegently, intimate and imaginative. You will have a strong sense to bear feminine in the leo sign or trait, which will just show up, and be there as long as you like. Or it will be there and there is not a damn thing you can do about it, because you are being yourself. Unlike the moon in leo, they have to be in a mood to be feminine, being their self or not. Because the moon hides behind the earth and is gray. But it creeps from behind the earth, and leo gives it light, and it warms the moon up and the moon starts smoking and it glows. But then the moon creeps behind the earth, and you can’t see the feminine. The moon has two sides to it; Cancers to. Moon-leo feminine, is driven by moods. The moon has a dark side and a light side. Mercury is right beside leo, always, and is the closest plant to leo. Mercury is also the sign of fame and Leo’s stand out; center of attention; feminine. So you know what that combination mean for a Mercury leo person. Mercury leo’s are driven by the mercury’s intellegent, intimate imagination, but leo traits shows up, is what you see: The leopard, lioness or lion, pussy cat, queen, king, fenimine woman or masculine man with manly feminine or sexiness; elegance, actor or actress. So Mercury Leo’s have more control over thier feminine, than a moon-leo person.

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