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The Retrograde Do-Over

My teacher liked to say that you should, as much as possible, do only things you like when Mercury is retrograde, “because you’ll end up doing them again and again and again.”

Well, apparently we really enjoyed buying that air conditioner last Friday. Because as we speak Jonny is on his way to pick up another one, on account of the untimely death this morning of our bedroom a/c. Mercury turns direct at 5:40 pm, so we’re right under the wire for some good old-fashioned Mercury retrograde do-over goodness. Yay.

You know, we astrologers are guilty of urging folks not to do certain things when Mercury is retrograde: “Don’t sign contracts” and “don’t buy cars or appliances.” But I’ve long noticed that retrogrades seem to have this way of forcing the issue, of pushing you into a situation in which you have little choice but to do The Thing You Must Not Do. Air conditioners die during a record-breaking heat wave. Cars give up the ghost just before you start a new job. Escrow closes on the house of your dreams. What are ya gonna do?

Evidently, the same thing over… and over…

If you’re in San Diego, though, this is a fantastic way to spend an evening and beat the heat. Last night we went with a group of friends to see the Hitchcock thriller Suspicion, and I’m telling you, after a day of sweltering in the (returned as if it had never gone away) heat and humidity, it was bliss to sit out under the stars in comfy reclining chairs and watch Cary Grant looking unspeakably delicious. Get to the box office early to buy your tickets (our friend got in line for ours at 5:45 pm and by 6:00 there were 20 people in line) so you can get a comfy zero-gravity lounger up front!