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The last days of Saturn in Virgo

saturnAfter spending just a little over two years in Virgo (since September 2, 2007), Saturn enters Libra on October 29. If Saturn is the demanding father or boss who pushes you mercilessly toward some standard of excellence and achievement, his transit through signs describes his management style. While Saturn transited Leo, authority figures – both external and internal – were  dramatic, swaggering, hollering orders like a bellicose child. In Virgo, they’ve savaged you about the small stuff – the uncrossed t’s, the misfiled papers, the citations incorrectly formatted. In Libra, they will pulverize you with a smile.

The best/worst boss I ever had was a Capricorn, but she had to have had significant planets or the Ascendant in Libra. Blond and refined, she carried herself with elegance and dignity. She was diplomatic, tactful, and charming – but underneath it all, she was Saturn/Capricorn to the core, pitiless in her demand for perfection and intolerant of excuses. As far as she was concerned, when something went wrong on my desk, it didn’t make the least bit of difference whether or not I’d caused the problem – it was my fault. From her, I internalized Truman’s famous edict that “the buck stops here.” Each day I came home from work  feeling bloodied and bruised, wanting to weep. In fact, on a couple of occasions I did seek refuge in the office of a sympathetic friend, crying and threatening to quit.

I lasted just about a year and a half on that job, and while I was delighted to move on, I’ve never forgotten the lessons I learned there. They come in especially handy during Saturn transits. Because Saturn, much like my Capricorn boss, does not want to hear excuses. All that matters to Saturn is results. I suppose that’s why I’ve always thought of her as my best boss: she made me miserable, but she also made me a better, more responsible  worker.

Saturn’s sign is not just about style, but about the nature of the work he has assigned to us. While Saturn was in Leo, he insisted that we express ourselves creatively despite indifference, criticism, and staggering obstacles;  and while Saturn has been in Virgo, we and our lives were meant to become better, fitter instruments through which creativity can flow.  So for two years, Saturn has slapped us – hard – every time we complained that doing our Virgo duty was impossible. “But how am I going to find time to exercise?” Slap! “Surely no one expects me to do that much research before I write this article.” Slap!slap!slap! “What does it matter if I keep my files in order and my checking account balanced?” Ssssss…lap!!

Libra is the sign of the marketplace, and as Saturn moves into that sign it will be time to sell yourself. If you haven’t done your Virgo homework, the market will find you wanting – and you’ll have a much harder time fetching the price you think you’re worth. Time to organize your files,  balance the checkbook, and buy a new pair of Reeboks.

We have one week left to crash for Virgo’s final exam. Let’s get to work.

5 comments to " The last days of Saturn in Virgo "

  • Saturn is, as I understand it, very comfortable in Libra. I’m dying to see what happens when it finally changes signs. I’ve had it with the Virgo passage!

  • As a Virgo, these last two years have been tough! But I have done my homework. Working with Elizabeth Genco Purvis at has me ready for the marketplace. I love your explanation of this whole time. Looking forward to Saturn in Libra too.
    Thank you!

  • Hey! I don’t know how I missed it! Just read this post, and as always, great stuff, Ms. Kent!

  • Marly

    I’ve had with Saturn in Virgo. I’ve worked very hard these past couple of years to get the details right and I learned I still suck at them. It’s very very frustrating to work very hard at something and still be very bad at it. I have not felt the slightest bit rewarded for it nor am I expecting any reward. Sometimes you have to learn what you genuinely suck at and with a lot of Neptune and Pisces in my chart, I will never get the details right. I’ll just accept it. End of story.

  • Marly

    And just to show you what I mean, I forgot to put “it” in my first sentence. Grr. It should read I’ve had it with Saturn in Virgo. I don’t get along with Virgo energy. I find it wearying and a huge drag.

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