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Up for a dash to city hall?

maridosPeriodically, I like to feature charts of dates I’ve recommended for weddings, as a sort of addendum to my wedding date tutorial. In doing so, I hope to demonstrate the real-time trade-offs the electional astrologer must make, as well as the mildly neurotic rationalizations she must indulge in to convince herself that it is, indeed, a good chart.


Today is a date I’ve recommended to a number of couples this year. How many will use it is anyone’s guess, but those who have had the flexibility to be able to consider a week day could do much worse. It offers most everything I look for in a good wedding date, to wit:

  • Mercury and Venus are both direct.
  • The Moon is in a good sign (Libra rules marriage), approaching a good aspect to the Sun (symbolizing strong compatibility) and ends on a non-confrontational aspect (in this case, a trine to Neptune).
  • Venus is approaching a good aspect to Mars, indicating strong sexual chemistry and few tedious arguments about housework and lawn mowing, because the couple are on the same page when it comes to gender roles. This is a great aspect, so I’ll try to make Venus/Mars the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses.
  • Bonus: Good aspects from the Sun, Moon, and Venus to Jupiter (a great money aspect).

If one had to get married this fall, this is one of the better dates available. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its challenges….
Behold the Sun approaching a square with Uranus, and for that matter, Venus approaching a square with Uranus. That one won’t complete by secondary progression until the 11th or 12th year of marriage, but it’s sitting there like a big old matzo ball. For a solid couple, the Moon in conciliatory Libra should keep them from getting thrown off the Venus/Uranus bucking bronco. And in fact, for a couple of independent, unconventional types – preferably, both with strong Uranus signatures in the natals and/or composite – this chart could suit them to the ground.

Another cause for wariness is Mars’ approaching opposition to Neptune. For a couple who tend to handle their disagreements or anger by drinking, cheating, and/or lying, this aspect could get ugly. (Of course, things will probably get ugly even without this aspect!)  For others, there may be a general sense of having trouble getting anywhere in life, a feeling akin to running through oatmeal. It may be hard to find a direction and commit to it, and to find the focus necessary to achieve specific goals together.

On the other hand, a couple with Mars/Neptune signatures in the natal charts – one of them in the other’s sign or house, or in aspect to each other – have usually figured out how to work with these kinds of challenges and will probably hardly notice this aspect. In general, Mars and Neptune otherwise enjoy quite good aspects in the chart, indicating that there are plenty of tools available for the sensible couple to figure out how to work with this one productively.

My sample chart (above) is cast for 1:00 p.m. in San Diego. This puts Saturn and Pluto closer to the angles than I’d like, and Mars in the 5th could get combative if the couple disagree on the subject of children or child rearing. But I like Venus/Mars ruling the 1st and 7th, and the Moon in the 7th house. 10:45 p.m. is pretty good too, with Jupiter rising – but Mars is still a bit close to the descendant. As we get later in the day, we start dealing with things like Mars in the 4th (hate it), Saturn in the 5th (I’d avoid it if they want kids), Saturn in the 4th, etc.  Earlier is better.

An issue that comes up over and over in working with wedding clients is one of offense vs. defense. Couples who know some astrology are often so freaked out by any controversial aspects or placements that they end up pushing for dates that, while they may avoid some harsh aspects, are also devoid of juicy, advantageous ones. This is an example of playing defense. Myself, I feel that the best defense is a good offense – in other words, as many strong, positive, affirmative aspects/placements on your side as possible. I mean, Sun and Moon AND Venus and Mars in good aspect, in harmony with each other, and in aspect to Jupiter? Plus the Moon is approaching only positive aspects before leaving her sign? These are forces for good, and excellent planetary friends to have standing by your side. They’ll bolster you when times get rough (and they always get rough at some point in a marriage). They’ll keep you steady with Uranus and Neptune try to knock you down. And in the meantime they’ll offer affection, compatibility, strong finances, and great sex.

What more could you ask for?

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