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Surf’s Up!

surf's upThe time I’d normally spend blogging has lately been diverted into (1) working on a major redesign of my website (which I’m very excited about – wait’ll you see, wait’ll you see!) and (2) laying the groundwork for podcasting, which means auditioning new web hosts with much larger disk storage and bandwidth allowances. But mostly, I’ve been surfing the waves of a tsunami of brides, all needing good wedding dates for 2008.

Of which dates there are woefully few – at least, few really strong ones. There are usually a handful in any given year that are quite terrific (though invariably flawed), hitting most of the highlights I look for while avoiding the lion’s share of pitfalls; but 2007 and 2008 are proving to be a real challenge. Of course, many, many couples will marry during these years and the usual number – roughly half – will do just fine, astrology or no astrology. But doesn’t it seem curious that the universe is presenting so few bang-up opportunities for tying the knot? So few moments when the skies open up and the planets belt out “Goin’ to the Chapel” in clear, unambiguous language?


In other news, I had all kinds of things to say about NBC’s dubious decision to air the VT killer’s “manifesto” tape and started to draft a post about it; but then we had a dinner party and I held forth on the subject for several minutes (in what was probably a pretty tedious fashion, to be honest) and got it all out of my system. Bottom line: I think NBC’s decision was a mistake at best, and cynical at worst.


Speaking of that dinner party… I thought last weekend would have been a contentious social wash, what with Venus squaring Mars; doesn’t that sound like a contentious social wash? And yet my weekend was divine – convivial and fun. Hope you’ve all been having a good time too!

5 comments to " Surf’s Up! "

  • Looking forward to the new design! Podcasting – cool.

    I had a good time this weekend, but this is coming from someone with Saturn still completing a 180 on her Moon/Ascendant. A wee bit of socializing and I was muy contenta. We were all happy here in the Northeast because the sun came out after almost a week of nor’easter gloom and downpour. It was sunny and 80 degrees on Sunday – woo hoo! Strangers were all smiling at each other – ha. So not New England. 🙂

  • And it explains so much, leslee, about why we southern Californians walk around grinning like idiots: the weather’s just so darn nice, we can’t help ourselves!

    Glad you found a happy respite in the midst of your Saturn gloom. 🙂

  • I totally agree about the NBC thing. These network guys need to deal with their hardons in a broom closest and hand over things like that to homicide detectives rather than wanking off over the public airwaves with their latest “news.” Every time I heard about that tape being played, I envisioned some NBC executive vigorously beating off as he watched because he knew his ratings were soaring as ghoulish Americans were glued to the screen.

    That’s very interesting to hear about 2008, by the way. And I’m excited about your new site! Wheeeeee! I’m sure it’ll be bootiful!

  • Woo-Hoo looks like big things are in the works for you. Exciting stuff. I love podcasts!

    Can you reccommend a book about Uranus? Specifically the Uranus opposition which I am starting. Looking at the transits and my chart right now = Persistant State of Ugliness right now. Or Gloom. Choose your word. Of course it is raining again.

  • EWWWwwwww, Maria – where’s my mind bleach? 😉 And yet… yeah.

    Nancy, I like Howard Sasportas’ Gods of Change for insights into transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Great stuff. There’s a book on Uranus by Bil Tierney, but I haven’t read it.

    Does anybody else have any book recommendations about Uranus for Nancy?