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Leo Full Moon: Making Your Own Music

As it turned out, not fitting in has proved to be one of my greatest blessings. I remember thinking early on that if I couldn’t fit in, I’d damn well make the best of standing out. So I gave myself over completely to music and later to writing, and in the end, a wonderful thing happened: By standing out, I somehow managed to find my place.

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Instagram Imposter

Yesterday I was alerted by a number of followers that an impersonator had duplicated my Instagram account and has been soliciting money from my followers through direct messages. That is totally, 100% not me. I would NEVER solicit direct payments through any social media platform! In the process of trying …

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Special offer for NCGR-LA

Thank you for participating in my March 21, 2021 NCGR-LA lecture on Using Your Birth Chart to Market Yourself!  Here’s a special offer to purchase my Astro*Marketing Workbook for $9.95 (the package with a recording is normally $21.95). Just use the button below to pay, and I’ll email you the …

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