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Scorpio Full Moon: Be a Beautiful Godzilla

“She’s like a beautiful Godzilla!”

“The only way the gods know we’re asking for help is ritual.” – Caroline Casey

Taurus and Scorpio are the two signs of the zodiac that are most closely associated with money. So if your finances are strained or life just isn’t giving you enough of what you want, the Scorpio Full Moon is the perfect time for a prosperity adjustment.

The prosperity dance involves persuading others that you have something that is so valuable, they should give you whatever you ask in order to get it. Sometimes, this exchange flows effortlessly; other times, it’s as though there is an actual, physical obstruction between you and prosperity. That’s when you find yourself feeling broke – or at least, you don’t have enough money to do something that’s really important to you (like pay rent, for instance).

Does it follow that if others are not offering to pay you for what you have, it isn’t valuable? I don’t think so. But I have noticed that simply being a nice person and good at what you do isn’t enough. Those who are wildly successful have some quality of attraction or seduction that makes others want to work with them/buy from them/be near them.

Seduction relies on a kind of subliminal, mesmerizing persuasiveness. It’s characterized by the ability to hold others spellbound and desperate to please you. These qualities don’t come naturally to me; perhaps they’re not your gifts, either.

These are Scorpionic gifts.

But even those of us who are neither exceptionally attractive nor naturally seductive have Scorpio somewhere in our charts. And through Scorpio’s love of magic and ritual, conjuring and summoning, we can learn to seduce the invisible world into giving us more of what we want.

 “The invisible world would like to help,” writes Caroline Casey, “but spiritual etiquette requires that we ask.” Ritual is the way we ask for help from the gods, but if you’re like me, you may not feel comfortable with solemn, formal ritual filled with prescribed incantations and possibly incense. In fact, I’m going to take Casey quite literally and assume that ritual simply requires that we ask for what we want—politely, respectfully, and winningly, while putting our best qualities forward.

So before performing whatever ritual you have planned at this Scorpio Full Moon, activate your most magnetic qualities. In your birth chart, these are represented by the trine aspects between planets in your chart. (Look for triangles in the little table at the bottom of your chart.) Usually, there’s at least one. Trines describe what comes easily to you – blessings, if you will. The conventional wisdom is that too many trines lead to a lazy personality, but that a few can really grease the wheels and make life pleasant for you.

Explore the mysterious aspect grid on your chart!

For example, one of the happiest trines in my chart is from Mercury (the writing planet) to my Ascendant (the “front door” of your life). Not once, but three times, book contracts have dropped into my lap. I don’t consider myself a terribly lucky person, but given how many talented writers can’t get a single book deal, the fact that I’ve wandered into three—literally without trying—is kind of ridiculously fortunate.

I’m reminded of the Seinfeld episode in which Jerry is dating a very beautiful woman who gets anything she asks for. George comments, “Beautiful women. You know they could get away with murder….They get whatever they want whenever they want it. You can’t stop them!” Jerry agrees: “She’s like a beautiful Godzilla!” He soon learns to parlay his girlfriend’s powerful beauty for entrance to a sold-out movie and forgiveness of a speeding ticket.

That’s how trines work. They are beautiful Godzillas. So if you have planetary trines in your birth chart, send those planets to the gods to intercede on your behalf!

If you don’t know how to find the trines in your chart, don’t worry. They’re simply astrological symbols of the qualities that earn you compliments on a regular basis. “You’re so organized,” friends might tell you. Well, organize an excellent, precise, well-thought-out ritual. “You can always make me laugh.” Make the gods laugh—include a joke as part of your ritual. “Boy, can you put together an outfit!” Greet the gods gussied up in one of your most gorgeous ensembles.

If you were going for a job interview or applying for a loan at the bank, you’d put your very best self forward. Do the same with your lunar rituals. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone in my whole life who didn’t possess some element of charm or goodness. That includes you. In fact, because I’m always inclined to think especially well of my readers, you probably have boatloads of scintillating traits!

So at this Scorpio Full Moon, put those beautiful Godzillas to work for you. They symbolize the qualities that draw others to you and prompt the universe to shower goodies on you. Make them your ambassadors of spiritual etiquette, asking for everything beautiful, valuable, and satisfying that your heart desires.

© 2016 April Elliott Kent

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11 comments to " Scorpio Full Moon: Be a Beautiful Godzilla "

  • Sandra Shevel

    Much gratitude, from a Scorpio💛

  • Rachel Dalley

    Lovely jubbly April! You are such an excellent writer is why you get contracts. 🙂

  • tricia

    love it. thank you!

  • luana

    agree with all the above!

  • Ann T.

    Thanks, as always, for your unique insight into the current planetary placements and aspects. It’s one thing to know textbook teachings, but quite another to relate those teachings to accessible real life tools. Appreciate you sharing your thoughtful, humorous, and witty explanations with us!
    I have a friend who works in earnest at her spiritual greeting card ministry – she sends out 500 cards a month (all hand made I might add) and frequently comments that the feedback she gets always inspires her to send more cards. Recipients report that her messages arrive just when they need them and touch them in ways she never thought possible.
    That’s how I feel about your essays April – they inspire, beg for focus, reveal the big picture, and make me feel like I’m better person for being more analytical and objective about my thoughts and decisions, then enable me to accept responsibility for the consequences. And I love witnessing my natal chart playing out day by day!
    On the flip side (can you tell I’m a Libra?) they free me from beating myself up when I realize that the day’s energies are what they are so I can more easily give up trying to control everything and just go with the day’s flow. So, you see, your writings touch me in ways you can’t imagine, just like the musings of my dear card-making friend. Please keep ’em comin’!

  • Dominique

    Thanks for this! You do have a gift for writing and I love the concept of how we can use and lean on our trines during times like these. I’m gonna do it!!

  • Rommy

    How many is too many trines? I’m fairly sure I fall in the too many camp with 11 of them (every planet except Chiron), which actually explains a hell of a lot now that I think of it! I have no planets in Scorpio, but it looks like I have a lot of leeway in making a prosperity working successful this month. Thank you for the insightful piece.

  • Rommy

    Nine of those, so I’m good. 😀 My sun, Saturn and Neptune have trines but no squares, so those are probably the best place to look to work with in the upcoming full moon. Thank you for helping me narrow things down.

  • WOW. This makes total sense and gives me some reference as to how to approach this full moon!

  • Tedde

    This is my most forwarded article of the year.
    (to my Scorpio friends –only after the event,)
    W/ Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon & Neptune in Scorpio: I FEEL you.
    Keep up the Awesome work! Dear Lady,

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