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New Moon in Libra: Breaking Bad

by April Elliott Kent

My current television obsession is Breaking Bad, the story of a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher who turns to manufacturing methamphetamine following a terminal cancer diagnosis. Underemployed, henpecked, and newly 50, Walter White soon finds within the world of illegal drugs the recognition and power that eluded him first as a scientist, then as a teacher.

My colleague and fellow Breaking Bad enthusiast Matthew Currie pegged Walt as a Libra early on. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that Matthew got it right. (Addendum: As I later discovered, Walter White was actually a Virgo, but with Mars in Libra. See this post.) After all, the Sun, symbolizing ego and confidence, is in its fall (considered weak) in Libra. Men born with the Sun in this refined, intellectual sign face an uphill battle to gain respect in a world that idealizes strongly solar traits of pride, swagger, decisiveness, and machismo. Someone who loses this struggle is more than capable of compensating by “breaking bad” – acting out with temper tantrums, fights, or even criminal activity.

But with this Libra New Moon opposed radical Uranus and square powerful Pluto, I’m reminded that acting out can have its upside given the right circumstances. Consider Mohandas Gandhi, a sun sign Libra whose strategy of non-violent disobedience was instrumental in India’s independence from British rule. It’s tempting to focus on the “non-violent” part of Gandhi’s legacy, which fits so smoothly with our preconceptions of Libra as polite, peace-loving, and harmonious. But because Libra is the sign of balance, we need to give equal attention to that part about “disobedience.” Don’t be fooled by Libra’s polite manners; this is a sign that studies the rules carefully so that they can break them more effectively.

What Breaking Bad’s creator describes as “Walter White’s transformation from Mr. Chips to Scarface” is one example of a man throwing off the shackles of the law and social expectations, with violent and destructive results. But in Gandhi we see that disobedience, even when it elicits a violent response, is exactly what’s required to change society to any degree of consequence – and that Libra’s gift for strategy is perfect for the job. As always, intention is everything. Gandhi’s disobedience was in service of an entire social movement. Walt’s disobedience, while ostensibly on behalf of the family he expects to leave behind in the very near future, is in fact just as much about propping up his fragile ego.

This Libra New Moon is best thought of as a cue ball breaking against racked-up heavy-hitters Uranus and Pluto, with Mars in Leo adding a little chalk to help the cue stick gain traction. Rebellion is the order of the day, whether it’s protesters railing against Wall Street or Walter White breaking out of his suburban comfort zone. With Pluto involved, the stakes are high. The forces we’re rebelling against, whether titans of Wall Street, deadly cancer, international drug cartels – seemingly hold all the power. But then, so did the British Empire, until one slight man in a loincloth brought it to its knees without firing a shot.

The tyranny of your own life may be minor in comparison – an exploitative work place, an overbearing partner, a manipulative family member. But it takes real courage to resist tyranny in any form, and to reach out for liberation and empowerment – and real character to keep from losing your ethical center in the process.

When the Sun makes its annual pilgrimage through Libra, we imagine the road to happiness will be paved with smiles, handshakes, and civilized negotiation. But as is so often the case since Saturn moved into Libra – and is especially true at this New Moon, with Venus and Saturn conjunct in this sign – this is not a season for mindless happiness, but for delayed gratification. Together, Venus and Saturn are building something; their approaching trines to Neptune suggest that they’re laying the groundwork for a new collective dream. But like most good things, it won’t come without a price. Rebelling against the shackles that bind us, and bravely reclaiming power over our lives, is the price we’ll have to pay now if we hope to find happiness farther along down the road.

© 2011 April Elliott Kent. All rights reserved.

11 comments to " New Moon in Libra: Breaking Bad "

  • Maria Alexander

    Fuck, you are brilliant.

  • Lupe

    You’ve got it right about Libra. With Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Sun stellium in Libra, I know, to bad my parents didn’t, could of saved everyone a lot of grief. We are the charming Aries that does take you into consideration first.

  • I have been going through A LOT these last three years, and the reigning thought of it all is that there are changes that I need to make and that now is the time that I make them, and all of them involve my husband who I just found out has a personality disorder – this, along with heart problems, spinal issues, and now a weird rash all over him. He keeps telling me that he is dying, and after these last three years, I am waiting patiently for that intention to manifest – yes, it has been that bad. THis is not to say that it hasn’t always been, but that it is more pronounced now than it has ever been.

    I was forced to make a choice today regarding what I wanted to do about my marriage, and it was this afternoon when I was literally given my answer for that question, and now I know that I have to follow through – if I do not, I will not realize what it is that I am meant for, and I am meant for a whole lot.

    I am so glad I am a subscriber !! Thank you so much for your insight. I am hopeful that you will friend me!!

    Reverend Roxie

  • monika

    I believe that Gandhi was born November 19th, which makes him a Scorpio, not Libran. But the rest of this article is quite well-written!

  • Carolina

    Another great article! and so relevant to my life at the moment. Thak you April, you’re simply awesome!

  • H

    This really resonates… thank you. And, of course, Gandhi was born on October 2. It’s one of the few national holidays in India.

  • helen

    Yes April is f-ing brilliant i agree!
    Breaking bad while being non violent.. i tell you.. it’s been brutal at work so i am hanging out with Pluto and Saturn – constructing what i want, while being totally disengaged (after all, murdering someone at work would mean game over right, so where’s the fun and agony in that…
    It usually takes me awhile to figure out how your articles relate to my life, but it’s like i read them, then somehow they filter into the unconscious and something else percolates up resulting in aha’s (what a way to learn astrology “live”)
    p.s. to Roxie.. tell time he says he is dying say “ha you should be so lucky!”
    Yes you cannot bury them at the bottom of the garden unfortunately (i can’t tell you how many time people advised me to do this). And yes, often if you leave them to fend for themselves, they survive quite nicely without you (surprise surprise)… i say go for your dream, follow your heart.. breaking bad means you got nothing to lose! xo 🙂 h

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