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Full Moon in Aries: Brave Hearts

In high school, I was a complete and utter coward. Overweight, brainy, too sensitive for my own good, I was a scared and vulnerable creature. Naturally, bullies lined up to take their shots. Physical education class in particular was a nightmare. One such class set the stage for what I remember as one of my bravest moments.

We were playing volleyball that day, and — not to put too fine a point on it — I sucked. Observing me in action as I shielded my head in terror to avoid getting hit by the ball was surely either excruciating or hilarious, depending on your level of compassion. The captain of our team noted my lack of coordination with frank disdain, maintaining a running commentary of insults and wisecracks loudly enough so that I (and everyone else) would be sure to hear them. Finally, completely fed up and with nothing to lose, I stopped the action by walking up to her and hissing: “If you have a problem with me, then talk to me about it. Otherwise, shut up.” Then I turned and walked, shaking with adrenaline, into the locker room.

I was still trembling when I came to class the next day. My heart was in my throat as my tormentor walked up to me, gave me a long, appraising look – and began chatting to me as though we were old friends. The rest of the semester was a snap.

It was a small victory, but many years later, I remember it vividly, even fondly. Courage is what was needed — simple, old-fashioned, garden variety spunk — and I didn’t think I had it in me. But that final indignity finally pushed me over the precipice of good manners, and righteous anger took the reigns!

In astrology, Aries and its ruling planet, Mars, symbolize the people and situations that excite our fear or anger. Even those of us who are fortunate enough to lead relatively protected lives still find ourselves in situations — at work, in relationship, or even on the volleyball court — that require us to draw upon primal reserves of self-preservation and courage. It’s not always easy to access these impulses, though; they are mostly overridden by the polite, well-mannered Libran behavioral guidelines instilled in us from childhood by conscientious parents. And speaking as a member of society, I must say that’s generally a very good thing indeed. But it’s also a reality that the world can be unkind, and a good relationship with warrior energy is necessary for survival, confidence, and self-respect.

When a rude driver cuts me off in traffic, or the 20-something behind the counter at my neighborhood cafe serves up attitude with my espresso, the old fight-or-flight response kicks up, right on cue. Yet even at middle age, armed with the experience and confidence of my years, I don’t always stand up for myself; the clever rejoinder occurs to me too late to be any help, or I’m intimidated by the power of my own temper, or cowed by the pressure to “make nice.” And each time I back down, I feel a little more afraid, and like myself a little less. I’m not a little kid anymore; who will take care of me if I don’t take care of myself?

I am not alone in my fear. We’re all afraid of something, and most of us are afraid of many things.  Fear can be a true friend, warning us of danger or potential injury. But just like other friends, such as food or sex, fear can become the enemy if it comes to dominate rather than defend us.

And so, too, can anger and cruelty, Aries’ shadow side, if our Mars impulses are allowed to run roughshod over the rights and feelings of others. The bully who tormented me on the playground is just one example; the guy in the Hummer who was tailgating me on the freeway yesterday is another. Being a good steward of Aries and Mars energy relies on the balancing civility of Libra – the good manners learned at our mothers’ knees, and the good judgment to know which battles need to be fought and which are better handled with gentler tactics.

How do you defend yourself when you feel threatened? Do you punch your enemy right in the kisser (Mars in Aries)? Do you kill him with kindness (Mars in Pisces) or annihilate him with a devastating verbal attack (Mars in Gemini)? Most of us could stand to improve our relationship with our inner warrior and learn to handle his energy with more finesse. But this Full Moon in Aries is a fitting moment to pay homage to Mars’ fierce spirit of protectiveness and bravery. You, too, have memories to savor, stories of courage and pluck when you stood up for yourself or defended others. Look in the mirror at this Full Moon, bow to your warrior self, and give thanks for your brave, Aries heart. The world can sometimes be harsh for gentle people; isn’t it good to know you’ve got a warrior looking out for you?

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13 comments to " Full Moon in Aries: Brave Hearts "

  • Full. Moon. Kicking. My. Tuckus!


  • Sorry to hear it, girlfriend. Maybe things will lighten up once Mars changes signs tomorrow… ugh, Mars at 29 Gemini today would kick anyone’s tuckus!

  • wez

    The full moon on the 26th was one of the worst work days of my life! Should have been out harvesting I guess?

  • pdw

    Oh yeah, Aries and righteous anger… So heroic when it’s a beginning, like your example; so toxic when it’s an endgame.

    Maybe an especially passionate Full Moon this one, with Mars in Leo.

  • I think you and I must’ve been very similar as kids. What a way to stick up for yourself that day – yay!

    My mom always taught me to “kill them with kindness” and that is something that I usually do. Or if not that, then I’m just quiet and awkward. I’m learning that I have to stick up for myself and we truly teach people how to treat us. The times that I have stuck up for myself, I ALWAYS feel better. It gets easier with age to do so.

    This full moon is making me emotional…always does, though!

  • k.

    i am an aries sun/moon/merc, so i am very familiar with the warrior nature, but my mars is in cancer!

    one thing that’s bummed me out, is my warrior nature has become rather tepid with age, as i have really had to libra-fy myself for the sake of other people. i’ve been feeling it coming back a bit though, and it is refreshing 🙂

  • leslee

    My Mars in Taurus is usually pretty slow to anger. But my Moon/Uranus can get irritable and snappish. Unfortunately, transiting Mars is right on my Uranus now, so I will have to watch it!

  • Dee

    Such a wonderful summary of Aries energy. I have an Aries moon, which has been very confusing at times as my first emotional response is impulsive. Someone explained that an Aries moon under stress is like a soldier sitting on a hill with binoculars, surveying the landscape, ready to attack at the sign of danger. She suggested that sometimes you have to put down the binoculars, descend from the hill and check out what is going on with others 🙂 The accuracy made me laugh.

  • Loved the article and absolutely loving this Full Moon! (Libra/Cap/Sag) I’ve gotten more work done today and turned a potentially devastating financial crises around almost completely! Still rushing with all the great energy!

  • Annette

    This Cancer with her moon in Pisces… is a punching bag for the world. (Sounds just like something a cancer would say) Even I can’t stand myself sometimes. Great Article, all my closest friends have all been Aries. I’ve always wondered why I attract them. This article made me think of that.

    This full moon has not let me think at all. Haven’t been able to get anything done. My sentences get tangled. The only 2 people that called me today were both Cancers. Have not heard from any of the Aries. My mother (cap), and I are getting along… which is really strange.

  • helen

    re your last line ~ That’s right, stand next to me, you’ll feel so much better.. ha ha ha.
    You really think our shadow is anger and cruelty? I dunno, sometimes a direct stab to the heart of those enemies is the kindest thing you could do for the neighbourhood (or is that my Scorpio mars talking.. though wot’s the diff with 3 aries planets – don’t mess with me!)
    I think our shadow is Chicken!.. just like you described.. and i remember some teacher saying if you don’t express it, man, people are gonnna be in your face to get you to express – ie. your team captain taunting you to get you to be you, to take up space on the court and kick ass (how else could she except by making you react, making you mad? (i used to swear around a friend who was so offended by swearing – until one day, she decided she was quite okay with it and swore herself. – i so rarely swear around her now).. As for the guy in the Hummer… ya, well, Aries on the road is me first, get out of my way, come on drive drive go go GO!!!!!! Hey we just love to drive! (same friend as above – she said one time, ya come visit, i’m only 8 hours from the airport – i’ll come get you, it’s a nice drive).

  • There are so many ram visionaries and pioneers. It’s the alpha state. Having the moon in Aries, this time it felt like I climbed a tall lighthouse and could see far away. It nicely ended the period of Mars opposing my natal Saturn.

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