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New Moon in Leo: Something Special

Next week, I’ll celebrate my 50th birthday. Isn’t that a sobering number? Perhaps it’s because I’m the youngest of my siblings, or because I haven’t had children of my own, but for whatever reason I find it difficult to relate to the idea of being middle-aged. In fact, let’s be honest: at fifty, the chances that I’m only middle aged are, statistically, not that great.

So it’s a big birthday, and for weeks – if not months – I’ve been trying to figure out how best to mark the occasion. A party? A trip to some foreign locale? A simple dinner with friends and family?

Perhaps… nothing at all?

None of these options sounds quite right. The pressure of trying to imagine Something Special enough to commemorate this Special Birthday has become a bit of a worry, frankly. Doing anything at all, in fact, feels like the very worst Leo stereotype, a grandstanding “Look at me, look at me!” gesture. Yet to do nothing at all would just seem… sad.

What’s the truth about Leo? Are we the attention hogs of pop astrology legend? If you wish to make that argument, there are numerous high-profile and flamboyant examples who could be entered into evidence (I’m looking at you, Madonna). But overall, I’d say we’re about as likely to be egotistical as the next person, regardless of Sun sign. After all, everyone is born with the Sun in his or her birth chart; the desire to be acknowledged and loved is a human characteristic, not confined to those born in late July and the first few weeks of August. When we’ve cut our teeth on Sun sign astrology, perhaps we’re inclined to stereotyping; we look at Leo and are immediately on alert for signs of hubris, exhibitionism. But are these traits really any more prominent in Leo than in people born with the Sun in other signs?

The Leo in me objects: No. It’s just that when the lion stands out, we do it with more style and elán.

Heh. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

# # #

I look back at the last fifty years with plenty of palms-to-face horror and embarrassment (the bad perms! the dubious wardrobe choices!), but also with a certain satisfaction that I’ve accomplished much of what I set out to do.  I’m proud of those achievements. I’ve garnered a bit of recognition here and there, too, which is essentially Leo 101.

But at the close of a half-century as a Leo, I can see very different goals in my future. When Leo wants too much to be admired (and I’ve been guilty of that my whole life), I think it’s because he or she is trying to fulfill a noble impulse in a way that nevertheless guarantees satisfaction won’t be found. Leo’s noblest impulse, I believe, is not a search for love and admiration per se, but rather a wish for engagement of the heart. It’s a craving that, at this point in my life, I’m convinced can only be fulfilled by throwing one’s whole heart into passionate pursuits for their own sake – and most of all, by loving others wholeheartedly, as well.

At this New Moon in Leo, the Sun and Moon lie close to Venus. The truth is that alone, none of us is anything special. Even the greatest artist, inventor, or statesman relies on a symbiotic relationship with those who appreciate the art, marvel at the invention, and are inspired by the oratory.  This New Moon reminds us that we can only be something special when we love, and are loved in return.

As for me, I doubt I’ll do anything earth-shattering to commemorate my birthday. You’re unlikely to catch me on the evening news, bungee jumping off the Coronado Bridge. But that’s not to say that I don’t plan to have a special day. After a very hectic year, I’m giving myself the gift of a week off. In the days leading up to my birthday, I plan to emulate my lion cousins of the Serengeti, lounging under an Acacia tree, surveying the plains from a posture of comfortable repose. I’ll gaze across the shimmering mirage of my tiny biography toward a distant but ever-more refined point, where a lion joins her pride and bends her knees beside refreshing waters, drinking til her heart is full.

22 comments to " New Moon in Leo: Something Special "

  • darvaish

    Happy birthday! I love the image of the lions in the serengeti & I love your message too. It is indeed all about love & wholeheartedness.

  • Judith

    Love it.

    …and then there’s my leo daughter, Elan.
    really no kidding.
    We’re planning to spend hers together.

  • “Doing anything at all, in fact, feels like the very worst Leo stereotype, a grandstanding “Look at me, look at me!” gesture. Yet to do nothing at all would just seem… sad.”

    Sad? Hardly. I did nothing at all on my 50th and found it highly rewarding as it was exactly what I wanted to do – nothing at all.

    “Leo’s noblest impulse, I believe, is not a search for love and admiration per se, but rather a wish for engagement of the heart.”

    Now there – truer words have never been spoken. They absolutely sum up my endless search for just the exact right person to complete me. Ironically, that person has always been myself and it’s taken me 51 years and 11 months (give or take a few years to account for growing into my skin and ego) for me to figure that shit out.

    Nicely done, April.

    • I should have said “it just seems sad for me.” I’m all for everyone celebrating (or not celebrating) anything and everything in their own way. I’m just struggling to figure out what “my way” of turning 50 is!

  • Victoria

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

  • Leslee

    Happy Birthday, April! Celebrate in style!

    I threw a party at my apartment for my 50th (I’d just moved into my own place) – made lots of food, decorated, everyone seemed to have fun. My birthday’s a time when my Virgo Sun and Leo Moon get along well because I let myself off the hook for the day and let it be about me. You only turn 50 once, dear – enjoy!

    • Thank you, Leslee. 🙂 Your celebration sounds like it was wonderful. I don’t know why this paralysis has set in … normally, I hardly give my birthday much thought at all, as long as I get cake! One way or another, though, I plan to enjoy myself, because as you point out, it’s a once in a lifetime event!

  • PrintessLeah

    Darlings, every day is a once-in-a-lifetime event! That said, I do understand the sentiment behind “Yet to do nothing at all would just seem… sad.” Feels like that could be society chiming in; I’ve heard it remember, “they” are not the most reliable counsel. I say honor the anniversary of your arrival here on Earth in whatever eccentric way suits you at the time, and then change your mind if you want to!!
    Happy birthday, my fabulous sister Leo – I am glad you were born!
    p.s. ditto on Kat’s comment RE: “Leo’s noblest impulse, I believe, is not a search for love and admiration per se, but rather a wish for engagement of the heart.” aymen, aymen, aymen

  • You are SO special! In a good way. Not a short-bus sort of way. 🙂


  • Happy Birthday!! Turning 50 is so cool!! I loved it. It is incredibly empowering!! Enjoy the Awareness it brings; it will fit you in a lovely way! May the coming year be one of your favorites!

  • Becca

    Happy birthday to my sister Lioness!! I too am facing a HUGE milestone birthday, this year! Newly divorced, ie. Single and 40! Not at all what I had planned. I feel for ya. I however am going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane for my birthday. Something I have always wanted to do but never did. Perfectly representative of my new life! Warm Leo hugs to ya and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Jorge Valencia

    Happy Birthday !!!

    Blessings !!!

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  • Happy Birthday from a fellow Lioness! You only turn 50 once, so celebrate it in whatever way feels right, and in the heat of August, imitating the animal kingdom seems just the right thing to do!

    I promise 50 doesn’t hurt, much! Besides, aren’t we Leos the eternal adolescents of the zodiac? My older Leo hubby is in his 60s and looks like he is in his 50s.

    We are awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild – due August 6th! I’m so excited to be able share the Leo sun with her! I know that she and I will relate, as I have always been able to relate with other Leos…roaringly well!

  • Beautiful, wonderful, magnificent. Straight from your heart to ours.

    Thank you, April, for your writing, your warmth and for your unique personality. A very happy birthday week to you. Sending you much love. xxx

  • Deidre Raven

    Happy Birthday! April, fifty is a very important milestone. Do something special for yourself. You deserve it! Thank you for the eloquent picture you painted, for a moment I was whisked away to a Serengeti plateau. Where my view was endless. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift!

  • Laura

    Happy Birthday April, I turned 50 last year. Birthdays had never been a sore spot with me but that one hit me hard. I felt the same need to passionately pursue “something”. Haven’t figured out what that “something” is yet. Although, being an Aries, it might be multiple “somethings”.

  • pdw

    Ah, an especially enjoyable snapshot from your safari, April—Thank you for the present & Happy Birthday!

    Being in the Pluto in Leo generation, with a few personal planets mixed in, the “craving” part hit home with me: Having a positive, confident, generous spirit to show others – aka being in love with life – is just the best feeling ever! And sorely missed when it’s MIA.

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