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New Moon in my 8th house: Other people’s projects

This may seem ironic in view of my last post… but here are a few things my colleagues are up to that I thought you might find interesting.

The witty, urbane, and whimsically Canadian Matthew Currie has published the first in a series of small yet delectable e-books. This one provides a thoroughly readable introduction to planetary aspects. When I was a student of astrology, and later a teacher, I quickly learned that aspects separate the Sort of Interested from the Future Astrologers. Learning to combine nouns like “Mars” and “Saturn” with verbs like “quincunx” and translate them into intelligible sentences is a little tricky, but it’s the difference between learning astrological grammar and becoming conversant. Aspects are tough to master and tough to explain – and it helps a lot to have someone as entertaining (and well versed) as Matthew to break it down for you. Note: Geez, he works fast – he’s already got a second one up! Haven’t seen that one but it is not doubt delicious. Consume!

My friend and MoonCircles colleague Simone Butler has introduced a unique report combining Feng Shui, your birth chart, and the New Moon. If you haven’t caught it yet, check out her article in the August/September issue of TMA. If you’re anything like me (and if you are, God help you) you will quickly become utterly captivated by the correlation between the houses of your chart and the bagua.

Jessica Shepherd has just published a whole passel of terrific articles on one of my favorite topics, eclipses. I’ve also had a sneak peek at her book, A Love Alchemist’s Notebook (debuting early 2010), and I am telling you that this is one you are going to want to buy by the crateful and pass around to all your friends who are single and looking.

2 comments to " New Moon in my 8th house: Other people’s projects "

  • Lauren Miranda Gilbert

    Thanks for the recommendations, April… I have already purchased the “Astro Feng Shui” report from Simone Butler, and it is amazing, I am really looking forward to working with it in this coming year of new moons!

  • PP

    Thanks for the good reads to check out.

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