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Mars in Scorpio: Sexy Time, Revenge, and Cleaning up the ick

Geez, Mars is already about to move into Scorpio (August 23rd)? It seems like it’s only been in Libra for about twenty minutes. Although maybe that’s just in comparison to the approximate geologic age that it spent in Virgo.

Mars is a planet of work, war, and survival. It’s considered strong in Scorpio, one of the signs that it rules. The other is Aries, a sign utterly lacking in guile or introspection.* Scorpio is entirely different animal, and Mars awakens somewhat darker territory in the sign of the Scorpion than it does in Aries. Here’s a capsule review of what to expect while Mars transits Scorpio (August 23 through October 5):

  • Sexy time. Been neglecting the intimate side of your long term relationship? Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar, and you’re just not in the mood, you’re tired, or the cat threw up on the bed. Hey, it happens. But sometimes, flagging sexual interest is a symptom of a deeper problem in a relationship. Maybe the bickering that’s common during a Mars in Libra transit (since July 3) cut a little more deeply this time around. After all, it came at the end of Saturn’s long sojourn through Libra (since October 29, 2009), during which a great many couples have been engaged in protracted contract negotiations about the future of their relationships. Now, before Saturn enters Scorpio (on October 5, 2012), is probably a good time time to take a peek under the hood and make sure everything’s okay between you and your partner.
  • Revenge/fight-to-the-death time. While Mars was in Libra, the sign of Open Enemies, it’s possible you had an unpleasant encounter with a long-time nemesis or even discovered a brand new foe. Mars in Scorpio can compel you to take one of two approaches moving forward: The High Road, characterized by being the bigger person and letting go of grievances. Or, the Low Road, in which one fights dirty and refuses to give up until the other person cries uncle. Far be it from me to advocate one road over the other (though if you take the high road, it’s highly likely I’ll be in Scotland afore ye) – especially since either of these approaches can also be used in the service of noble causes such as defending the defenseless and furthering causes about which you feel passionate.
  • Cleaning the dark, icky space under the kitchen sink time.  I’ve been inspired, of late, by a website (I am warning you: if profanity offends you, do not click on the link. You will find even the title offensive.) that offers tough love and motivation for those who wish to take charge of their homes and whip them into shape. For whatever reason, I was ripe for this message and in the past few weeks have tackled a myriad of really unsavory, daunting household tasks that I’d been putting off literally for years. Housework is as apt a metaphor as you’ll find for the process of tackling the dark, icky spaces in your psyche. Just ask Lady Macbeth. If you have untidiness under the sink, in the closet, or picking on your id or your superego or whatever, Mars in Scorpio is just the kind of fearless coach you need to help you sort it out and move on.

As always, you can gain additional insight into this transit by considering which house of your birth chart Scorpio falls in (unsure? see this blog post) and which, if any, of your natal planets will receive aspects from Mars, especially by conjunction, square, or opposition.

You’ve got from August 23 until October 5, folks. Get your engines running.

* Before you write to tell me about the calculating and insightful Aries you know or in fact are, please remember that I’m talking about the archetype of Aries. People are not signs. If you were born with the Sun in Aries, you may have many archetypal Aries traits, but lots of other stuff in your chart may modify Aries’ messages in your chart.

© by April Elliott Kent

6 comments to " Mars in Scorpio: Sexy Time, Revenge, and Cleaning up the ick "

  • tiffany

    oooh, what happens if you have scorpio in VENUS! ( and I have an ex who is an Aries – a complete doll, but…. you speak the truth. He is most UTTERLY lacking in guile or introspection, which was completely unsuitable for this fickle Virgo 🙂

    • Yes, Venus in Scorpio likes perhaps a bit more intrigue in their relationships! 🙂 (Quick astro-grammar note: Venus in Scorpio, not Scorpio in Venus. The planets -such as Venus- move through the signs of the zodiac -such as Scorpio- not the other way around. 🙂 )

  • I love it when Mars moves into its home sign in my chart. I guess I should be casting a Mars return chart to what’s up with that.

  • Lucky me, I have scorpio in my 7th and 8th houses; 7th in uranus and 8th as a north node. I am very familiar with the trials and tribulations with having saturn in libra over the past 3 years, and I finally feel that my partner of 12 years and I have emerged stronger and more solid than we have ever been. to be honest, I don’t really want to do any more looking under the hood (aries rising)! I have been forced to be introspective and I’m kind of over it 😉
    Thanks for the info April, very helpful.

  • wind_breaking_news

    All trines and sextiles for me I’m afraid as it goes through my twelve/first house. Not sure if I can cope with that. How does one get used to ease. Maybe I’ll fall flat on my face as someone standing firm against a tornado wind would do as the winds expectantly stops. Ha!

  • Gia

    Me too, trines and sextiles mostly although it’s opposing my sun at first. And also 12th/1st houses but not until later in Scorpio does Mars move into my first house. I do feel as if this new energy is a little easier than what I’ve been experiencing these last couple of years. Just waiting for Saturn to get there too. I think Saturn will like being in Scorpio and I think I can handle it better than my poor husband with his Libra rising.

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