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Episode 38 | Taurus Last Quarter Moon – but wait, there’s S’more!


038 | Taurus Last Quarter Moon – but wait, there’s S’more!

April & Jen bring you the biggest news of the week: Mars squaring off with Pluto, which seems ominous… yet the symbolism might support deeper, positive work. A Last Quarter Moon in Taurus prompts a discussion of the larger picture surrounding this lunar phase, which includes Uranus turning retrograde for a five-month nap and the Sun kissing Mars. Also: marshmallows, grandparents, and 25,000 ways to say thank you. Although, really… it always comes back to pie, doesn’t it?


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00:35 – Yep, we’re dragging out extending the birthday celebration, because why not? To hear the solar return mini-lesson and infamous birthday song and spousal cameo, go to Episode 37, Full Moon in Aquarius & Many Happy (Solar) Returns. Give a listen while you’re eating s’mores and lemon meringue pie!

05:18 – Leonine Mercury squares bullish Uranus at 10°40’ (Aug. 10). The planet of communication is on the Sabian symbol “Children in a swing in a huge oak tree.” The planet of disruption is on “A woman sprinkling long rows of flowers.” (Review Episode 23, Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (Of Course!) Moon for more on these symbols.) Look for flashes of inspiration, an awakening of ideas, bolts out of the blue, or surprising news – and cultivate some beauty, like some lavender fields or a tulip farm. And take note: This aspect may feel somewhat like a Mercury retrograde! This is the continuation of a story that began around April 30. (And to hear Jen’s parents’ cameo, go to Episode 23, Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (Of Course!) Moon.)

09:16 – ** Moonwatch! ** This week there is a Last Quarter Moon (LQM) at 19°28’ Taurus (Aug. 11). This reflective point in the lunar cycle always supports contemplation and thinking about “How am I doing to achieve my long-term goals?” So it’s linked to this particular 3-week period, of course, as is the case every month… but also to life in general.

10:49 – Jen pitches a question: Why do some astrologers associate the lunar cycle with a 28-day cycle, a 6-month-cycle, and 2.5-year cycle? April hits it out of the ballpark.

12:14 – This LQM is on the Sabian symbol “Wind, clouds, and haste,” but the sign of the bull doesn’t usually move too quickly… perhaps conditions exist in which things are moving rapidly. The Sun is on the symbol “Zuni sun worshippers” which indicates the importance of ritual, being intentional, and revering nature and the natural rhythms and cycles of life.

14:59 – Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn at 23°05’ (Aug. 13) for the first of three times between now and the end of the year, continuing a story that began on March 22. Mars wants to move forward at warp speed, but Pluto points out the limits of our personal efficacy and power. The Sabian symbols are lovely, though: Mars is on “An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia.” And Pluto: “A woman entering a convent.” There might be an opportunity here for you, if you will pause and let yourself retreat and reflect: If change is coming, in what positive direction can you help move it?

21:07 – Uranus sits down to reverse course (Aug. 15) at 10°41’ Taurus on the symbol “A woman sprinkling long rows of flowers.” Sound familiar? As the planet of the unexpected pauses in the sky, it becomes more internalized and can sometimes act the opposite of what we associate it with. The sideways planet will turn direct in January 2021 at 6° Taurus. (Learn how to find this point in your birth chart here.)

23:43 – The Sun and Mercury in Leo both trine Mars in Aries (Aug. 16). This is a warm, encouraging aspect, so act with heart on your loving, creative impulses. Sun/Mercury are on the symbols for 25 Leo “A large camel crossing the desert.” Mars is on “A double promise.” Both speak of duality and seem future-focused. These might be messages of: What direction are you headed? And, do you have a plan? With the focus on two, it might be wise to have a backup plan too!

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2 comments to " Episode 38 | Taurus Last Quarter Moon – but wait, there’s S’more! "

  • Celeste

    Hi April and Jen,

    You mentioned the 2.5 year moon cycle on this week’s podcast. It is called Moon Phase families based on the work of Dietrich Pessin. They can be found in Solar Fire under Lunar Phases or F11. See link to the book below. 

    Basically, in addition to the 28-day moon cycle, there is a 2.5-year moon cycle.  The New Moon, First Quater, Full Moon, and Last Quarter moon will be at approximately the same degree every 9 months.  For instance, this new moon at 26 Leo will have a first-quarter moon at approx the same degree in 9 months.  There is a story with a new chapter every 9 months.  A new story starts, something needs adjustment, all in illuminated and rewards or consequences are reaped. Check them out in your own chart when you have a close conjunction of a personal planet to the moon. You will be amazed!

    With love and light,

    • April

      Celeste, thank you so much for this! What a fascinating technique, and I’ll be playing with this for sure. We’ll share it in an upcoming episode!

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