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Episode 22 | Taurus New Moon and Venus Gone Wild


022 | Taurus New Moon and Venus Gone Wild

It’s Taurus New Moon time, but April and Jen explore the mounting tension between rule-making (Saturn) and rule-breaking (Uranus) that interfere with this sign’s legendarily calm vibe. What does it mean when Venus, the planetary ruler of this bullish New Moon, is out-of-bounds and totally unsupervised? And what will her protracted aspects to Neptune mean for your relationships? Also, April 25th is brought to you by the adjective intense, so mark your calendars. Plus: encyclopedias, carbtacular shelter-in-place snacks, and music of the 80’s – featuring a cameo appearance by Jen’s parents!

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01:40 – A celebratory shout-out to World Book Day on April 23! And, since Jen forgot to mention April’s books at the beginning of the episode, she’ll add them to the show notes right off the bat in an effort to redeem herself: The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology is the book that made Oprah’s list of top astrology books. But you also can’t go wrong with Astrological Transits!

03:20 – ** Moonwatch**! There’s a New Moon at 3°24’ Taurus on April 23! Jen is always reminded of a certain Duran Duran song at this time in the lunar cycle. And as Jen waxes nostalgic about 80’s icons Culture Club, April’s spidey-senses tingle: did tweenager Jen have posters of these groups on her bedroom wall?

05:34 – Let’s hop in the wayback time machine and ask Jen’s parents! It wasn’t just preteens who enjoyed Boy GeorgeKarma Chameleon is a timeless classic. 😊

08:02 –The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is, “The rainbow’s pot of gold.” Let’s appreciate what we have, shall we? Especially with the Moon in uneasy relationship to unpredictable Uranus and stern Saturn – yikes!

09:20 – The Sun stirs up the growing tension between Saturn and Uranus: Saturn is like, “I’m gonna make the rules!” and Uranus is all, “Nuh-uh, I’m gonna break the rules!” (Do listen to Episode 21, Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable: Signs a la Mod-alities to learn how and why signs of the same modality struggle to get along.)

13:00 – As Venus slows down to go retrograde, she is out of bounds! Out-of-bounds planets are outside the Sun’s apparent path, and are operating beyond the pale. For more about this phenomenon, here’s a helpful article at Steven Forrest’s site.

16:32 – Since Venus is in the spotlight this week, April and Jen preview her upcoming squares to Neptune (May 3, May 20, July 27). Are we seeing our relationships, and our own worth, clearly?

18:45 – Speaking of Neptune, a shout-out for April’s upcoming webinar at the International Institute of Astrology’s Breaking Down the Borders conference, “Saints and Suckers: Neptune in Relationships” (Nov. 7, 3:30-5:00 PM Pacific). Only $20, but grab your seat fast, because this reflects early-bird pricing!

19:55 – Again, April’s books and Oprah’s list. And for the record, Jen blames Neptune.

20:44 – April 25 features three intense maneuvers, starting off with Mercury in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn… which will be coming off a couple of feisty days of triggering the Saturn/Pluto conjunction point from January (see Episode 7, Saturn and Pluto Go to the Repair Shop). Then the Cosmic Hand rises up to say…

22:42 – …STOP! Pluto pauses in the sky, as the woolly-mammoth-sized (in spirit, at least) planet stands still to turn retrograde. And finally, Mercury, the cosmic messenger, squares Jupiter. What news will emerge around Jupiter/Pluto matters, especially the pandemic? (For a review, go back to Episode 19, Jupiter Meets Pluto: Two Thumbs…Up?)

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