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Episode 19 | Jupiter Meets Pluto: Two Thumbs…Up?


019 | Jupiter Meets Pluto: Two Thumbs…Up?

Feisty Mars enters Aquarius this week and teams up with Saturn to start the work of serious social change. Venus in Gemini downloads some new eBooks, the First Quarter Moon in Cancer prompts our salute to The Fonz, and Mercury meets The Fog (Neptune). And Jupiter makes the first in a series of aspects to Pluto that promises to be…interesting. Plus: April & Jen pull into Conjunction Junction (what’s your function?) and learn how August-born April got her name.

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00:53 – April shows off her sultry, good-cup-of-coffee (allergy attack?) voice.

02:15 – Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius’ less grim neighborhood on March 30. (Read all about Saturn entering Aquarius here.) In a preview of December’s coming attractions, we contemplate collectivism and what we want to create together.

04:05 – To hear techniques for staying in the moment, listen to Episode 18 (and take a gander at Episode 18’s helpful links/resources for dealing with stress while you’re at it).

05:42 – To hear more about the sign of Aquarius and Charlie Brown’s evocative shirt, listen to Episode 9 (It’s Aquarius Season, Charlie Brown).

06:00 – The gas pedal meets the brakes as Mars immediately joins up with Saturn at 1° Aquarius on March 31. April reports from the trenches of Mars transiting her personal Saturn on the day we record this episode. Spoiler: It is aggravating. A-g-g-r-a-v-a-t-i-n-g.

09:27 – In December, Jupiter and Saturn will meet on the Sabian symbol 1 Aquarius, “An old adobe mission.” What will we take from the past into the future?

12:10 – At year’s end, Jupiter and Saturn will begin new 20-, 200-, and 800-year cycles. An explanation of sorts about what the heck that means.

14:05 – Schoolhouse Rock offers another way to view conjunctions!

14:36 – ** Moonwatch**! This week we’re a-okay with a First Quarter Moon at 12°9’ Cancer on April 1! (And April’s heard all the wisecracks you could possibly throw her way on that day, so just settle down.)

15:31 – How did April get her name?

16:03 – …Um, where were we? Right – contemplating the Moon’s Sabian symbol, “One hand slightly flexed with a prominent thumb.” (The Fonz likes this one.) The Sun’s symbol is, “An unsuccessful bomb explosion.” Maybe things aren’t as bad as we expected?

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19:22 – On April 3, Mercury and Neptune sit down at “A table set for an evening meal.” (See Episode 16 for more on that Sabian symbol.) Jen shares her family’s experiment with communal meals at a virtual table.

21:56 – Venus grabs her writing materials and office supplies to sit for a spell in Gemini (April 3). She and Saturn take a ride on a “A glass-bottomed boat.” Peer into the depths, and be sure to grab a copy of April’s book, Astrological Transits, which would be an ideal way to learn right now. (Way back in Episode 1, Venus was our first topic, ever, because nobody puts Venus in the corner!)

25:25 – Venus entering an air sign is a cue to try some tactile learning, or learn via a physical activity.

26:52 – Jupiter and Pluto meet for the first of three times this year, at 25° Capricorn (April 4). Societal changes both great and small are the work of this combination. Here is Dana Gerhardt’s article on previous conjunctions of Jupiter/Pluto, which feature a history of pandemics. Here is Ray Merriman’s latest financial astrology column.

30:21 – You often can’t start something new without something else ending. To hear April & Jen’s first conversation about life cycles, head over to Episode 7 (Saturn & Pluto Go to The Repair Shop), and tune in to one of Jen’s favorite pieces of BSA podcast conversation, ever.

31:49 – Things are intense right now on planet Earth, and a sense of humor comes in handy. Yes, life is serious. And yes, it’s okay to laugh sometimes.

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Length: 34:51

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  • Patti

    I enjoy this podcast full stop, but particularly loved your description of Venus in Gemini! While my natal Venus is in Aries, my sun is in Gemini and your description of bookstores and trips to Staples for writing implements and journals is straight up my alley! Thank you so much for a delightful podcast and some really interesting astrological interpretations.

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