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Episode 15 | Venus + Pie: 0-29 Degrees of Separation

Big Sky Astrology Podcast for March 2, 2020
015 | Venus + Pie: 0-29 Degrees of Separation

From a curious Gemini First Quarter Moon to a cat-of-many colors Sun/Neptune conjunction and all the hot Venus action in-between (changing signs, duking it out with Saturn, starting over with Uranus). But first…pie.  Plus: Planets at 0 and 29 degrees of a sign, 3rd house versus 9th house learning, and why April hates peaches.

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00:37 – It’s time to make your Pi Day plans and preparations! And if you plan to send April a pie on Pi Day, take heed: Do not send peach. (Here is the link to Episode 1, which has the delicious pecan pie recipe!)

03:50 – ** Moonwatch** First Quarter Moon on March 2 is at 13 degrees Gemini and on the Sabian symbol, “A great musician at his piano.” It’s time to step into your curiosity, and get started with something that interests you. (And the reference to Groundhog Day in this discussion is a throw-back to Episode 10!)

07:59 – Jen wonders aloud, what’s the difference between learning when it comes to Gemini (3 house) versus Sagittarius (9th house)? Luckily, April’s superpower is explaining stuff just like this.

09:11 – Mercury, still moving backwards, jumps from the fish pond into the arms of the water-bearer this week (March 4-16)! Yay… let’s air the place out! (For a refresher on Mercury in Aquarius, set your sights on Episode 9.)

11:22 – Venus’s calendar is jam-packed this week! April proclaims her brand loyalty and will keep a close eye on her Venusian peeps, as it’s a big week for the Bulls and the Scales.

12:00 – Venus in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn on March 3. Hey April, if your birth chart has big aspects between Venus and Saturn, does that matter? Hey April, when planets are at the ends of signs having aspects, is that important? Hey April, what does it mean if you’re born at 29 degrees of a sign? (Thank goodness for April, who also threw in what it means if you’re born with a planet at 0 degrees! This week’s tangent? Check.)

18:43 – Speaking of Venus (we were, at some point), she moves into Taurus on March 4 to stay for about a month. Breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate the beauty that’s yours for the taking.

20:40 – But wait! Venus joins up with Uranus on March 8/9 at 5 degrees Taurus on an ominous-sounding Sabian symbol. April recounts a personal story of this degree, while emphasizing that these symbols usually express themselves much less literally. Reset your own new Venus/Uranus relationship/money story now! (For more about rulerships and final dispositors, have a cup of joe with Episode 14. Alongside some breakfast pumpkin pie, maybe.)

25:15 – The week ends with the Sun’s annual meet-up with Neptune on March 8. Leave logic and rationality behind and meditate, write a poem, sing a song, have a nap. And remember: When one cycle ends, another begins!

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Length: 30:21

4 comments to " Episode 15 | Venus + Pie: 0-29 Degrees of Separation "

  • NMRabbit

    Hi April & Jen!

    I just wanted to say that I am still loving listening to your podcast; it’s “cerebral” and down to earth at the same time! My Virgo self loves this. Your podcast helps me to further understand my Sky Within & Sky Log. Also, love hearing about those Sabian Symbols, adds another layer of introspection (awesome).

    And yes, NMRabbit stands for New Mexico! But Jen, love the idea that it could also stand for New Moon!

    Well, I am thankful to have a great way to start off my Mondays and deepen my experience with the energies that surround us. Many blessings and peace, Kim

    • April

      I knew it!! 😀 But I did like the idea of New Moon, too. 🙂 Thanks so much for listening, Kim, and we are so happy you’re having a good time with the podcast. We are, too! xoxo April & Jen

  • Emily

    You’re surrounded by so many Venusian people! <3 You can add one more, as my Sun is in Taurus and I'm so excited for Venus to move into Taurus.
    Don't get me wrong I love her in Aries (as I have that in my natal chart) but I just love all things Taurus!
    Love you ladies and your podcast!! Keep them coming!

    • April

      Emily!! Yes, we do have a very Venusian Big Sky team, don’t we! Thank you for your divine social media help, pulling delightful clips from the ‘cast and sharing them in such creative, Venusian ways! 😀

      April & Jen xoxo

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